Beauty Moments

A Monthly Favorites Moment – June 2014

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel a twinge of panic when you realize that the year is basically half-way over? I mean, it feels like it was just Christmas Eve the other day and now it’s almost July. Which means it’s not only almost time for our family trip to Disney World…… Continue reading A Monthly Favorites Moment – June 2014

Beauty Moments

A June 2014 ipsy Moment

Who doesn’t want Christmas once a month (and twice in December with the real deal)? For a beauty/makeup junkie, beauty subscription boxes offer exactly that – of course, for a fee which typically ranges between $10 – $40 a month, depending on the service. Beauty subscription services over the past few years have become increasingly…… Continue reading A June 2014 ipsy Moment

Fashion Moments

A Midi Moment

Okay, so I know this technically isn’t considered a midi hem length, but for a tall girl like yours truly whose hemline comfort zone is a little longer than mid-thigh, it totally is. And I have been absolutely loving it lately. The midi trend is just so charming in an old-fashioned kind of way. It…… Continue reading A Midi Moment