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A Get the Look Moment – Supernatural

I don’t know if you might have figured this out by now, but ever since I got Netflix, I watch a lot of TV. It usually starts with me perusing for a new series to start, the age-old “I’ll-only-watch-one-episode” promise, and it usually ends ten back-to-back episodes later, when I’m too hooked to stop (see: Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, Mad Men, yeah.) This time? It was Supernatural that grabbed me by the feels (seriously this show goes way past demon hunting and delves deep into family struggles and real-talks that typically take place near the Impala) and hasn’t let me go. Not that I’m really complaining because, let’s be honest, a little Sam and Dean Winchester can instantly make your day better.

As you also might have figured out, I draw a lot of fashion inspiration from the copious amounts of TV that I watch. Seeing that I’m a girl, some shows, like PLL or Gossip Girl, make that a lot easier. However, I like a challenge and think it’s a ton of fun when you can flip your wardrobe and rework pieces to make them match a completely different style. So, while I’m not a male demon-hunter that drives a cool car or has special death visions, I can certainly dress like one (which sounds strange when I put it that way, but if you’ve seen the show, you know. And if you haven’t – seriously go watch it. You’re welcome.).

Without further ramblings, here are some outfits inspired by the Winchester brothers.

Outfit 1

Dean-plaid2-1   vlcsnap-00021-1  vlcsnap-00030-5

Sam and Dean (the former more so than the latter) can typically be seen all aboard the plaid parade, which is understandable. Flannels are durable and can transition well into whatever elements they may face as they traverse the country. Finish the look off with some jeans, boots, and functional jewelry, and you’re ready for a day of demon hunting. Here is my recreation of this style:

177   179  208  184

199 187  189

Flannel: Target * Blue Tank Top: Marshall’s * Jeans: American Eagle * Boots: Target * Necklace: A Gift * Earrings: H&M * Watch: My Mom’s

Outfit 2

For the second outfit, I stuck with the plaid theme since it is such a predominant style in the show (at least in the early seasons, which I am still on. NO SPOILERS!) However, I decided to take a feminine approach to the outfit. I absolutely love this outfit, and I can’t wait until it gets cooler here to wear it:

116 151  119  125

146 135 131

Flannel: American Eagle * T-shirt Dress: H&M * Boots: Bass & Co * Necklace: H&M * Watch: My Mom’s

Outfit 3

behind-the-scenes-supernatural-jensen-chains vlcsnap-00023-5 tumblr_mmf34fGTqY1rstq9ro2_250

Another popular trend in the lives of the Winchester boys is chambray/denim shirts. In their case, they usually pair it with straight-up jeans, which makes me reminisce about the early 2000s and the choices we thought were Good Ideas. (It also makes me wonder what I’m going to say when I look back ten years from now about what I wear today.) Here is my take on this look:

220 212 217 225 235 239 244 251

257 264 187

Chambray Shirt: American Eagle * Tank Top: Target * Leather Skirt: Forever21 * Boots: American Eagle * Necklace: A Gift * Ring: A Gift

Outfit 4

3177554909_1_6_qSHrYyA5 2cb394290e56fde4b99923518b653cbdtumblr_mq2cuiq4il1r65ilto1_500 200px-MegSeason5

For the last outfit, I couldn’t ignore the most iconic piece in Dean’s wardrobe: The Leather Jacket. I threw a couple pictures of Meg up there because the leather jacket that I own is more comparable to their styles (not that I want to bring out my inner Meg, that’s usually a bad idea). But for the instant “I’m-cool-don’t-mess-with-me-I’ll-blow-your-head-off” vibe, a leather jacket is the key. Here is my look:

275 302 300 313

341 307 335

Jacket: French Connection for Sears * Tank Top: American Eagle * Jeans: American Eagle * Boots: Frye * Necklace: Szul * Cross Bracelets: Gifts

Let me know which look was your favorite! I really like doing these Get the Look posts. I have a couple more ideas in mind so keep your eyes peeled in the next coming weeks if you like them. Thanks for reading and have a great week!




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