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An Outfit of the Day Moment – Taylor Swift

Public Service Announcement: Taylor Swift released a new song a couple of days ago and the internet (myself included) exploded. I’ve followed Taylor and her music ever since she first started out way back in 2006 – which is scary to think about because it’s already eight years later. Needless to say, I’ve been listening to her new song, Shake it Off, basically on repeat, and I can’t wait for the rest of her album to drop in October.

In lieu of this, I decided to draw some inspiration from Taylor in my outfit today. I spent the day running a few errands with my sister and thought this choice of outfit was a nice balance between fashion and function/comfort.

Taylor’s look:

tay tay

My recreation:

005 004

010 012


Crop Top: American Eagle * Skirt: Gap * Bag: Old Navy * Pearl Earrings: Forever21
NecklaceH&M * Bracelet: Alex & Ani (available only in Disney Parks) * Shoes: American Eagle

Sorry to post three fashion posts in a row, but I will be getting my review for the ipsy August 2014 bag up either Thursday or Friday. As a little preview: I’m not very impressed with it and, from what I’ve heard, not a lot of members within the community like theirs either. The shipping was also excruciatingly slow for the second month in a row, so I only received mine today.

On a happier note, I also received my goodies from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale today! I will be doing a post soon on these items, as well as how to transition your Lilly into the fall and winter.

As far as other posts in the future, I want to do a fall fashion essentials post, maybe a fall wishlist, and definitely a Get the Look for the CW’s Reign a little closer to when it premieres again in October. Let me know if these are posts you would be interested in. Also let me know if you have suggestions, too!

Thanks guys and have a great week!

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