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An iPsy Moment – August 2014

One of the things that I look forward to most during the month is the arrival of my iPsy bag. iPsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that costs $10 a month and usually includes four to five deluxe/full-size samples of makeup, hair care, skin care, etc. If you are interesting in learning more information about the company, you can check out this previous blog post or the official website.

Let’s begin!


The theme of this month’s bag is “Beauty Schooled.” I for one was tremendously looking forward to this bag (because who doesn’t want new beauty products to ease the pain of returning back to the daily grind at school after a long summer break?). However, once I received the bag, that excitement faded. I’ve been a subscriber to iPsy for about five months now, and this is the first bag that I’ve been disappointed with, so I guess that’s not bad for a track record. The thing that annoys me more than receiving meh products, though, is how terrible the shipping has been lately. They seem to like toggling with extremes. For the first couple of months, I would receive the email notifying me that my bag has shipped, and then my bag would literally arrive the next day. For these past two months, I received the shipping notice, and then my bag would not arrive for another week and a half. My bag this month sat in a DHL facility in Kentucky for five days before being shipped out. Especially during the summer, I think that creates a melting hazard for certain products. It’s not that I don’t like waiting a few days for shipping, I just wish they would find a method that is consistent and reliable so I’m not wondering whether my bag is actually ever going to get to me.




The bag itself is very adorable! It’s a plastic polka-dot pencil case which I plan to use when I go back to school (which is Monday. Insert the Cher-hates-everything reaction here).



This month I received five products in my bag. The first one is the Lord & Berry Silk Mini Kajal Kohl-Liner in #1001 Black. This is a pretty small sample for an eyeliner, at least half of the size of the Urban Decay samples that other iPsy subscribers received. This makes it difficult for application, especially for people like yours truly who isn’t an eyeliner wizard to begin with. I tried to do a size comparison in the photo above so you can see how small it really is. It would have been nice to a larger sample.


The product itself was very nice, however, which makes up a bit for the sizing. This is one swipe of the liner, and it’s extremely pigmented/creamy. I really like creamy eyeliners because they are easier to apply. However, this is a fussy liner for smudging. I waited five minutes before trying to smudge the liner swatch on my hand, and within a couple of swipes, it was a mess. If you have a tendency to have liner smudge/run on you, this probably isn’t a great choice.

The brand Lord & Berry seems very difficult to get ahold of in the United States, which leads me to question why they would even choose them in the first place. You can view all of their products on their main website, but the actual online store is closed indefinitely for reimaging. The only other place I was able to find it was According to asos,  a full-sized product would run you $19.35. By my estimations (because there is no quantity of product listed on the sample), I’m going to say I received about a third of a full-size. That would make this sample worth about $6.45.


The next product I received in my bag was the Paula’s Choice Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid. This is a moisturizer + spf product that also has acne-clearing qualities. To be honest, I haven’t really tried this one out fully. The product leaks out of the squeeze tube and collects in the cap, which I think wastes a lot of it. This is a pretty large sample, which I really like for skin care. It can take multiple tries of a product before you really know how it reacts with your skin, so I appreciate that. I tried this once and was neither wowed nor appalled, so I will give this a few more tries before I make any assumptions. A full-size (2 fl oz.) will run you $27.00. This sample size (.5 fl oz.) is worth $6.75.



The next product in my bag was the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. This sample size is a standard mascara sample that you would expect to find as a Sephora freebie, counter sample, etc. I have to say, I really love the packaging. It’s a sleek gunmetal case with lavender text and it looks very sophisticated. The mascara is in black and it is not waterproof. I think this is just a meh product for me. I tried the mascara out a couple of times, and I think the formula is just alright. I really prefer drugstore mascaras over anything high-end because I feel like the quality is much better (along with the price). I prefer a lengthening mascara and I did not find much of that with Perversion. The brush is nice, but the formula is average. It is also a drier mascara, so this might not be up your alley if you are picky about that. A full-size (.40 oz. and also includes a primer sample) is $22.00 at Sephora. This sample (.10 oz.) is worth $5.50.



The next product I received in my bag was a duo of Coastal Scents Forever Blush in Fresh, a peachy nude, and Elegant, a pale pink with shimmer. Honestly, I don’t know why they bothered with this product. The blushes themselves are lovely. They’re pigmented and they wear pretty well, but the sample size is just crazy. It’s so tiny that the only brush I have that is able to fit in the pan is an eyeshadow brush. If you try to use a blush brush with this product, you are going to pick up both colors. I would have much rather iPsy given a larger sample of one of the blush colors rather than a small pan of each. The products are also housed in a pretty flimsy plastic casing. While I think this product has potential, I know I’m never going to end up reaching for it because of how difficult it is to apply given its size. A full size of one blush (.28 oz.) is $7.95. This sample (.09 oz.) is worth $2.55.



The last product I received is by far my favorite of the bunch. It is the Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Natural Dense Anti-Aging Lip Conditioner. This is basically your average lip balm, but there are a couple special things that I love about it. One: the smell is AMAZING. The flavor is Mandarin Green Orange Ginger and I have no idea what that actually is. But it smells like a lime, which is very refreshing. Two: all of the ingredients are USDA Certified organic. I always love a lip product that has decent ingredients because you basically end up eating your lip balm, gloss, etc. throughout the day as it wears off. So the less chemicals I ingest from that is probably for the better. Three: cruelty-free! No animal testing. I also really like the packaging of this, it looks like something that would be sold at the Rainforest Café. All in all, this is a product I will definitely be throwing into my bag for school because there is no such thing as too many lip balms. This is a full-size product and it retails for $5.50.

Total iPsy Bag Value: $26.75, which is definitely my lowest bag value to date.

Did you receive an iPsy bag this month? If so, what did you think about your products and do you have trouble with the shipping? I will be looking forward to next month’s bag to see whether or not the shipping/sample sizes rebound.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!


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