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A Beauty Haul Moment – MAC and Drugstore


Over the weekend I took a trip to Ulta and the MAC counter to pick up some new goodies because fall and new makeup are basically synonymous, right? It didn’t dawn on me until I was in the thick of swatching everything within an arms reach that I hadn’t been in MAC in over a year. This really surprised me because I can remember just a few years ago when it seemed like everyone was OBSESSED with MAC, myself included. I’m glad I decided to pop in because I found some beautiful fall products that I can’t wait to show you! (PS – everything is from their permanent line and is not limited edition.)





When I shop at department store beauty counters, I like to go in knowing what I am going to purchase because I kind of get a little anxiety just walking in blind. With so many products to choose from, as well as the recommendations from the workers, it can quickly become an overwhelming experience. Being that this was a spontaneous trip, I knew I wanted to get a staple blush for fall, but I wasn’t sure which color I wanted. My MAC counter was sold out of a lot of their deeper blushes for fall, but I managed to snag the last one of Breath of Plum, which is a beautiful mauvey plum. While the finish is Sheertone, don’t let this blush fool you – it is very pigmented. The swatch in the picture is one swipe of the product.

On the cheeks, the blush is matte and pretty much works as an everyday, neutral blush that goes with any look. I’ve worn it with both a bold lip and a bold eye and it complemented each look wonderfully.


The next product I picked up was the Naked Lunch eyeshadow. This is a shimmery, white-based champagne shadow, and it has a frost finish. I’m a repeat offender when it comes to fuchsia lipsticks and champagne eyeshadows, so this purchase was bound to happen at some point in my life. My all-time favorite eyeshadow from MAC is All that Glitters, and I actually dropped it on the ground the other day, where it met its demise. While I can still use the crumbly mess that it now is, I figured this would be a good time to experiment with a new choice for an everyday shadow.


I’ve heard about Twig lipstick from a handful of different YouTubers and bloggers, but I was always hesitant to try it because, from the bullet, it looks like it is very heavy on the brown side. But recently I have been watching way too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer than is probably acceptable at this point, so I think the 90’s nostalgia may have triggered my adventurous side because I picked this up despite my hesitations. And let me tell you – I am glad that I did. On the lips, and even in the swatch photo, Twig is a stunning deep rose that is the perfect transition color for fall. Not too dark, not too light, not too pink, not too brown. I promise you won’t end up looking like this if you end up trying it out for yourself. It’s also a satin finish, so you can add a little gloss if you want some shine to it.


The last item I picked up at MAC is one of their matte lipsticks in Diva. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick for a while now. My sister can rock red lips like no one else I know, but I’ve always felt a little funny when I try to pull it off. I much prefer a dark fuchsia or a hot pink when I want to go for a bold lip. That is, until I met Diva. Diva is like the most perfect baby imaginable between YSL’s Glossy Stain in Fuchsia Dore (my fave color ever) and MAC’s Russian Red lipstick (my only other red that I own). You can dab it on and blend it out for a pretty stain for the day or apply it normally for a bold night look. Total love!


I ran into Ulta and managed to do the impossible: I came out with only what I planned to purchase. I needed a new mascara and I had a 20% off coupon so I thought what the heck. The mascara I ended up choosing is Maybelline’s Pumped Up Colossal Volume Express in Glam Black. The first thing that you need to know about me is that I am very picky about mascaras. Maybelline mascaras are some of the only ones that I’ve tried that I consider holy grail mascaras for me. And in my holy grail category includes the original Colossal Volume Express in the yellow packaging. I’ve only used this a couple of times so I will need to test it out before I form 100% of an opinion, but I like it so far. The formula isn’t too wet, and it does a great job of separating, lengthening, and adding volume to my lashes. Win, win.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Let me know if there is any new fall beauty product that you have tried recently. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks, as well, for new posts! I am planning to do my monthly iPsy and favorites post as usual, but also a couple fun fashion posts, too! I post all updates about my blog on my twitter, so feel free to follow me @bmdrose to stay in the know.

Have a great week!


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