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A What to Wear Moment – New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I’m going to be basic here for a moment – can you believe how fast 2014 went? I was so blessed to spend so much time this year with my friends and family. Definite highlights for me this year were my trips to the Outer Banks and Disney World. What are some of your best memories of this year?

Throughout the year I tend to be a homebody (Netflix marathons FTW), and NYE typically does not break the chain. My family typically keeps it low-key with lots of movie watching and lots of delicious food. This year we are changing it up and seeing the Penguins play downtown tonight, which I am SO excited for.

But, if you are going out, I’ve put together a list of three looks that I think are perfect for NYE. Hopefully you can draw some inspiration if you are stuck on what to wear!

Look 1: The Office Party

I’m not sure if corporate New Year’s Eve parties are a thing or not, but if they are, I’ll bet they can be difficult to dress for. You want to appear professional, but it’s NYE! You need some pizzazz thrown in there, too. Mixing prints and a little sparkle is the perfect combo for any work party.






Look 2: Gatsby Gala

This look is perfect for if you have a slightly more formal NYE party to attend (or if you just want to embrace your inner Daisy Buchannan). I’m absolutely in love with this dress – I found it at Marshall’s, of all places, for $30. I’ve always wanted a Gatsby dress, but they can be soooo stupid expensive.






Dress – Marshall’s * Tights and Heels – H&M

Look 3: Soiree with Friends

This last outfit idea is great for if you are hanging out with friends. Whether you are going to a restaurant, a club, or just a house party, this outfit is the perfect combination of casual, edge, and comfort so that this NYE is one to remember.







Hope everyone enjoyed the lookbook! Fun fact – it was like 20 degrees out while my sister and I shot these pictures so we were freezing! Let me know what your NYE plans are, and what you are wearing! Most importantly though, have fun and stay safe tonight!

Thanks for reading, as always, and here’s to a great 2015!

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