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A Beauty Review Moment – Rimmel Provocalips

I was walking through Target today on a mission to grab some heat protectant for my hair because I have been styling it pretty much everyday with my GHD, either curling or straightening it. That’s pretty unusual for me to style it with heat so frequently, but this semester I have a lot more time before class to play around with things.


So, I grabbed my heat protectant and almost made it out of the beauty section. However, something out of the corner of my eye just sang to me. I’m pathetic, I know.

I just had to pick up one of the new Rimmel Provocalips. I’ve always had great luck with Rimmel lip products in the past. The Moisture Renew lipsticks and the Show Off Lip Lacquers are especially great. For the price, they can’t be beat.


Plus, how cute is the packaging? Iย LOVE the lip design. These would make adorable little gifts for friends on Valentine’s Day (or for yourself. no judging here).


The color I chose is 200 I’ll Call You, which is a pretty mauve-pink. The color range though is diverse with a bunch of reds, pinks, nudes, and even a plum to choose from. I paid $6.19 for this one on sale at Target, which is the first place that I’ve actually seen them in my area. My local Ulta doesn’t have them stocked yet.


The Provocalips claim to have a 16 hour wear to them. They are basically one of those dual-ended lip products where one side contains the color and the other has a formula that locks it in for the day. I’ve owned some of these from different brands through the years, but what makes this particular one unique is the fact that what locks it in is in is a hybrid between a lip gloss and a lip balm.


The tube recommends applying the lip color first and then topping it with the lock/shine. The lip color itself does not have a scent, but the lock/shine does – it smells faintly of sweet candy.


I say ‘recommends’ only because I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the two-step process. The lip color applies smoothly and evenly. It’s matte and a very thin formula, but it isn’t drying or stiff. I can smile without feeling lip my lips will peel off. The lock/shine is also nice. I don’t think they work together as well, though. I first applied the lip color and waited about five minutes for it to dry. Then, I applied the lock/shine. BUT, because of the almost lip balm feel to it, it basically only removed the lip color. I was left with an awkward bare strip in the middle of my lips, so I had to reapply the lip color over that.

However, I don’t think you really need the second step to lock it in. I tried to wipe the color off about an hour after applying and it wouldn’t come off. I tried a regular tissue, a cotton pad with cleansing water, and a makeup removing wipe. Neither of those things took the color completely off of my lips. I don’t doubt that this has 16 hour wear. I would be careful of some of the darker colors though – you might be wearing it for a couple of days.

Overall, I think it’s a cute product that will be useful for long days at school when I need my lip product to last. If you are reading this Rimmel, you should make all of your products with the lip pattern because this might be my favorite packaging ever.

Have you tried the Rimmel Provocalips? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!



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