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An Update Moment – Disney Cruise, School, Upcoming Posts, Lunch With Lilly!

It has been literally almost an entire month since I last posted anything on here! I’ve missed it so much. I’ve had the craziest month, which I will try to recap for you here just in case you were curious.

Remember how I said I was going on a Disney Cruise for Spring Break? Well, we did, and it was fun except for the fact that we all got sick. Like, really sick. The first night on the boat once we started moving I began to feel verrry sea sick, so I skipped dinner, took some meds, and watched Cinderella all night. Now, I thought we had the all-clear because I felt wonderful after I took the medicine and our next day in Key West was lovely. That night however, my sister Leah became incredibly sick and my dad followed suit the next day. I was once again sick on Friday, and this whole time I thought that we had picked up the flu from somewhere. Once we got home and I had access to wifi again (guys it was so difficult being away from internet access for a week. It made me realize how much I depend on it for even the littlest things), I googled getting sick on a cruise ship. Apparently, we all had the notorious norovirus, and let me tell you, it’s as terrible as it sounds.

Apart from that, we had a wonderful time exploring the ports and the ship on the days that we were feeling okay. I just don’t think we will be doing a cruise anytime here in the near future. I think we might have picked the virus up from one of the thousands of kids onboard. The boat wasn’t very crowded, which I expected for it being March, but it was mainly populated by kids under five and adults over sixty. An interesting mix, to be sure. Here are some photos from our trip:

The Disney Magic docked in Castaway Cay, Bahamas
Docked in Port Canaveral
How cute are these coffees? We stayed the night before our cruise boarded at a Hampton Inn in Daytona Beach. Definitely recommend.


The Magic was designed to be in the Art Nouveau style, whereas the other ships are Art Deco.
If you look closely, you can see my sister and I on the screen


Dress: H&M * Bag: American Eagle * Shoes: Nicole Miller


Of course I had to make a cheeky stop at Lilly Pulitzer in Key West!
Kimono: Forever21 * Crop Top: * Shorts: American Apparel * Sandals: American Eagle * Bag: American Eagle
Beautiful Castaway Cay…except I was so sick that I don’t remember taking this picture.
Cozumel, Mexico. This cruise took us to easily the most beautiful places I’ve ever been
7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. I was surprised at how little the beaches were in Grand Cayman. They’re seriously tiny compared to the East Coast beaches!
Dress: H&M * Heels: H&M * Clutch: H&M * Necklace: J. Crew
George Town, Grand Cayman
A look at the Aqua Dunk, which is the ship’s water slide that actually takes you over the edge of the ship
Dress: Piperlime * Wedges: G.H. Bass & Co



How can you not meet Pirate Captain Mickey on Pirate night? My entire outfit is from J. Crew Factory.
My little treasures from the trip

As soon as we got back from the cruise, I was in a whirlwind of school work. It was pretty much three weeks of endless papers and assignments. Just this past week, I spend every waking second researching McDonald’s for an in-depth case study paper for my advertising class. I know so much now that I’m confident I could take over, no problem, if the company’s CEO died today. One of my best friends and her friend from school came to visit me while I was at there though, which made it a million times better. I hardly ever get to see her because she goes to school about two hours away, so this was a special treat.

I’m just so blessed to have a couple of days to relax here, and I will be spending that time writing more posts. I have March’s ipsy review, March’s Boxycharm review, a Sephora haul, and some Spring clothing pieces to show you too! I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things here on my blog. Plus, the first day of spring = warmer weather will soon be approaching, which means I can start taking my pictures outside again. Literally so pumped.

Lunch at Lilly

Lilly gift with purchase

The last update I have is for my fellow Lilly-Lovers. Tomorrow is Lunch with Lilly Day, which means gifts with purchase! There are soooo many cute arrivals for spring right now, it’s going to be hard not to pick something up. I’m in love with this skirt, these shorts, and this bag!

So, how has your month been? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading. I will be posting again this weekend so talk to you soon!

xoxo Rebekah


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