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A Beauty Haul Moment – Back to MAC


I remember a couple of years ago when MAC used to be my jam. I first got into watching YouTube beauty videos around my sophomore year of high school. Back then, most of them were about MAC products, and I still remember my first order based off of their recommendations. Angel lipstick (which I didn’t like because I learned pale pinks make me look like a zombie), Steppin’ Out Dazzleglass (which I didn’t like because I learned I hate sticky lip glosses), and Fleur Power blush (which I love!).

It was a personal goal to collect as many lipsticks and eyeshadows as I possibly could. But as I started to branch out into the rest of the makeup brands available, I kind of forgot about MAC.

There’s a shelf life for makeup. If you google it, you can easily find a list of how long you should  keep a product before throwing it away. While I don’t follow the times exactly, once a product starts smelling differently or swatching differently than when you bought it, it’s probably time to toss it.

I had a ton of MAC products, mostly lipsticks, that were at least three or four years old. But instead of throwing them away, MAC has a program that let’s you recycle products called Back to MAC.

Basically, for every six empty products you return (FYI: I’ve turned in old ones with product still in them and it’s fine) you get a free lipstick!

This time I had 12 products that I wanted to get rid of, so that meant two free lipsticks.


show orchid lip blossom mac lipstick swatch swatches

I knew I wanted Show Orchid, which used to only be exclusive to MAC Pro stores. But the other one I just poked around the lipstick display for a while until I found one that I liked but hadn’t already owned in the past.



show orchid swatch

Show Orchid is a bright fuchsia pink with a blue pearl. It’s an amplified cream finish, which means that it is fully pigmented and has a slight sheen to it. While it isn’t a color that is practical for every day, I love it. It’s fun and I love the way that it brightens up a whole look.



lip blossom swatch

Lip Blossom is the perfect everyday lipstick. It’s a coral-peach with a Lustre finish, which means it’s on the sheer side and is very shiny. I personally love Lustre finishes and find them to be my favorite. Lip Blossom has a gold shimmer that would look especially pretty with a tan.

Have you ever done Back to Mac? What do you think of the program?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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