Fashion Moments

A Fashion Rewind Moment – The 1920s

There are quite a few decades within the twentieth century that I absolutely adore for fashion. However, taking those famous styles and implementing them in your wardrobe today can be tricky. You want to embody the feel and look of that time without feeling like you’ve put on a costume.

I’m starting a new series that will examine some of my favorite decades for fashion – and how to wear those trends today.



To kick this off, I’m starting with the 1920s. Quite possibly the most revolutionary decade for fashion, the 1920s were filled with rebellious acts of shortening women’s hair and hemlines. Emphasis was placed on the luxury that an article of clothing provided. Naturally, heavily beaded “flapper” evening dresses abounded, as did statement hats, large pearl necklaces, and furs. Sequins and silks were considered the everyday norm for most.


When I think about the 1920s, my mind automatically drifts to The Great Gatsby. Daisy Buchanan is about as close to perfect as possible when it comes to embodying the style of the decade.

Another major inspiration for this post is Downton Abbey, especially Lily’s James’ character, Rose. I’d like to permanently borrow everything in your closet, please.

I hope you enjoy my looks!

The Flapper Dress









I found this flapper dress at Marshall’s for $30 around Christmas. I featured it in my New Year’s post on outfit ideas, but how on earth are you supposed to wear this without a themed party or special occasion? My solution: layering. By adding a button down silk shirt from J. Crew, it makes the dress more casual without sacrificing the luxe feel to it. I’ve also added a brown belt from Forever 21 and brown leather oxfords from Aldo (similar) to make it even more casual.

My sister hated this outfit when I showed it to her, but for some reason I really love it. Even with (or perhaps especially with) the polka dots contrasting with the beaded details, I think it works. I could see myself wearing this out to lunch or even to school if I’m feeling a little more daring.

As far as finding a flapper dress, Modcloth has some amazing choices.

Sequins and Blouses











For this look, I chose this skirt from Express as the focal point of my outfit. The art deco sequined pattern fits perfectly with the 1920s theme. It’s also more tame and much easier to wear on an everyday basis than a full-on flapper dress. I also thought the pink blouse from J. Crew was a perfect match with the skirt. It’s got a high neck collar and pretty sleeve details that I think work well for the 20s. Paired with black kitten heels and a long necklace from New York and Company that seriously reminds me of one that Cora Crawley wore, and you are ready for The Roaring 20s!

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