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A Get the Look Moment – Blair Waldorf Style from Gossip Girl

It has been forever and a day since my last Get the Look post! These are some of my favorites to do because I am a television junkie and I love to create my favorite characters’ styles. Check out my Supernatural post, my Reign post, and my Aria Montgomery/Pretty Little Liars post if you want to see more!

Today I am bringing you a guide on how to dress like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl! While Queen B might not be the best role model (her conniving ad vengeful tendencies have gotten her in a fair share of conundrums over the seasons), her wardrobe is second to none in all-around fabulousness.

The show itself, taking place in the Upper East Side of New York City, is a mecca for style inspiration, but Blair’s fashion is by far the greatest of all of the characters. Preppy and feminine with just the right amount of risk, it’s hard not to fall in love with her outfit choices. A+ to the costume department.





But, what Blair does best, in my opinion, is print mixing. She is the only character I know who can pull off the amount of crazy prints and patterns she throws together with such grace and charm. And honestly, after Season 3, Blair (and Chuck) was pretty much the only reason I watched (anyone else think that literally everyone else was the worst?).

Today, I created three outfits based off of Blair and her love of print mixing. I hope you enjoy!

Look One


This look was inspired by Blair’s wardrobe from Season 1. Her style was definitely preppy and a little whimsical, which I tried to recreate below.








This is a perfect way to begin print mixing. My J. Crew skirt has a small-ish anchor pattern with hints of red that tie in the striped red Forever 21 tee perfectly. If you are unsure of how mix prints, start by looking for two patterns composed of primarily the same colors.

I finished this look off with a gold coin necklace from Piperlime, Tory Burch Reva flats, and a headband (because what is a Blair Waldorf post without one?).

Look Two


As Blair graduates from high school and moves through college, her style evolves to become more alluring business woman than preppy teen. Especially in season 3 when her and Chuck are together, her style matches the power couple status they’ve reached. Not even Chuck trading Blair for his hotel could ruin the chicness of her style at this time.










If you want to take your print mixing a step further, play around with textures! I’ve kept the color palette similar (blues and greens), but I mixed my silky floral tank top from H&M with my metallic tweed skirt from J. Crew. This creates interest within the outfit. To top it off, I added lacy H&M heels, a quilted bag from Express, and a sparkly pearl bracelet from Banana Republic.

Look 3


I call this look “Classic Blair”. Plaid, houndstooth, and heels, what could be more quintessential Queen B? Nothing, except maybe a little scheming on the side.








Once you are comfortable mixing prints of the same color combination, go crazy! Mess around with prints and textures that you initially think won’t go together, like this plaid Ralph Lauren blouse and this H&M houndstooth skirt. You’d be surprised what works when you try!

I finished the look off with some black H&M heels and a gold initial necklace.

I hope you guys liked this lookbook! Thanks again for reading!

(You know you love me) xoxo,

(Gossip Girl) Rebekah

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