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An OOTD Moment – Kiernan Shipka Style

k ship

k ship 5

k ship 3

k ship 7

Let’s all just take a second to appreciate Kiernan Shipka, aka the actress behind Mad Men’s beloved Sally Draper. At 15, she’s done what some people at 25 can’t even do. She’s discovered her own style – one that is chic, sophisticated, and inspiring – and has managed to stay true to it.

k ship 4

k ship 6

k ship 2

Being 20, it feels a little odd to try to emulate at 15-year-old’s style, but honestly, I wish I could dress like this everyday. If I could steal any person’s wardrobe, it would be Kiernan Shipka’s. Her style represents what I wish I could get away with on a daily basis. Sign me up for interesting shapes, beautiful embellishments, and all of those adorable collared dresses.

Today’s outfit is inspired by her daring yet reformed style that always has me repining. Enjoy!







Collared Shirt: H&M * Blue Shirt: J. Crew * Necklace: J. Crew * Skirt: J. Crew * Heels: H&M * Lipstick: Chanel ‘La Romanesque’

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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