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A Fashion Moment – Alex and Ani Bracelet Collection


When it comes to jewelry, I’m a necklace and earrings kind of girl. I’ve got a collection of J. Crew statement necklaces and Kate Spade stud earrings that I rotate daily. They go with everything and can spice up any outfit in a pinch. They’re my go to when I feel like my outfit is lacking.

Bracelets always bothered me because I write and type constantly at school. They were either jingling distractingly with every little movement, or they were painful from having my wrists pressed toย my desk while I typed.

But over the years, I’ve found a single brand of bracelets that I genuinely LOVE. Alex and Ani bracelets are adorable, meaningful, and don’t get in the way of everyday life.

I love looking at other people’s Alex and Ani bracelets when I see someone wearing them. It’s funny because it seems like everyone buys a bracelet for a different reason, and I love that the charms hold different meanings for everyone.

Today, I’m going to show you my collection!


I have collected seven bracelets over the past year and a half, all of which were either gifts or purchased by me.

Cinderella Bracelet. This was my first Alex and Ani. This one is especially meaningful because I picked it up at Disney World last year, which is one of my favorite places in the world (if you haven’t been able to tell that already from my blog). I love the fact that Cinderella is filled in blue, like the color of her dress in the movie.


Mermaid Bracelet. This bracelet I received last year for my 20th birthday. Obviously I love it because it’s a mermaid. If you couldn’t already tell (also by my blog), I love mermaids.


Little Brown Bear. Something else that I love about Alex and Ani is the fact that they have Charity By Design bangles. They designed a specific bracelet where proceeds from the purchase will be donated to a charity (this one helps the Child Mind Institute).


Paws Bracelet. Another Charity By Design, this bracelet benefitted animal shelters in New York City. I love this bracelet because it reminds me of my own dog, but has the NY skyline etched into the paw. One of my best friends goes to school in New York City and I hope to visit one day, so this bracelet also reminds me of her!


October Birthstone Bracelet. This one is pretty self explanatory. I love wearing this one with a stack of the other bracelets, because the gemstone adds a pop of sparkle and color. This one also has a much brighter gold band to it, which I think is unique.


Anchor Bracelet. This bracelet was purchased on my Disney Cruise over spring break in March. We picked it up in a tiny shop in Grand Cayman. This bracelet will always remind me of the amazing time I had with my dad and my sister, even though we all ended up catching the norovirus which was most definitely not amazing.


Belle Bracelet. Another Disney princess! Belle is one of my favorites because she’s intelligent, she knows her worth, and she sees what people are truly like rather than how they appear. Cheesy but true nonetheless. My mom picked this bracelet up for me at Disney World when she was down there on business and I love it!


I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection! Let me know if you have any Alex and Ani bracelets. I’m thinking about getting the Sand Dollar one next.

Have a great weekend! (My sister and I might sneak off to do some shopping!)

xoxo Rebekah

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