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A Beauty Review Moment – Brand New H&M Beauty


Hi everyone! I am SO excited to be writing this post today. H&M makeup has always been some of my favorite beauty products for when I’m on a budget. They’re great quality and definitely did not get enough hype.

Well, that’s no longer going to be the case. H&M launched their new Beauty Department last month and it. is. amazing. I work for H&M so maybe I’m a little biased, but you guys, it’s glorious.


The stores that have H&M Beauty will have a separate department set up like a Sephora, with testers and makeup artists. I’m so envious of anyone who lives close to one!

They redesigned the formulas, added a TON of new products from makeup to skincare to bath and body products, and they even changed the packaging. It’s gorgeous cream, black, gold, and blush packaging with different shapes. Everything feels so luxurious, but the best part is that the prices are not: everything is under $15.


And I got a discount because I’m an employee, which made me even more excited. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Today I am bringing you a review of the five products that I purchased. I will definitely be buying more in the future because everything is amazing.




The first product I picked up was the Eye Colour Palette in Ready. Set. Glow. You might want to sit down when I tell you the price of this palette: $9.95. YES.

I really wanted to try out some of the single eye shadows, but I’m a die-hard neutrals girl and they were pretty much sold out of all the browns. This palette is currently sold out, too, but I imagine they will restock pretty soon.

If you love warm, neutral browns and golds, this palette is for you. It’s a nice mix of matte and shimmery shadows, with a great matte highlight and some nice transition colors.

The swatch pictures don’t do the palette justice. They swatch sheer, but they apply to the lids like a dream. They’re soft, buttery, and incredibly easy to blend. If you are looking for mega-pigmented shadows, this might not be for you. They create very natural, glowing looks, which I am all about at the moment.




Say hello to the gorgeous Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Dusty Rose. I was on the lookout for a Rosie Huntington-Whitely color for fall, and this is pretty darn close to what I wanted.

The formula is perfection. It’s creamy and blends beautifully. It’s got a velvety texture like the name hints to, so it’s not greasy on the cheek. The color is a pretty dusty pink/mauve that will practically go with anything. H&M has an awesome blush range with this collection. They have about ten colors of powder blushes (which I want to try next) and four or five of the cream ones.

I love the hexagon shape, too. It’s very unique for a blush that only cost $9.95.



This next product is the one that you should get given you can only purchase one thing. It’s the Colour Essence Eye Cream in Champers.

This cream shadow is like the velvety blush formula and a mousse shadow had a baby. It’s so smooth and is very pigmented. The color is gorgeous, too. It’s a champagne that leans more toward the gold side. This color is very me and something that I would wear on the daily. It’s got great lasting power and looks beautiful under the Ready. Set. Glow palette. I 100% recommend this one for only $6.99. Craziness!




These last two products were definitely the ones I was the most excited about because, I admit, I have a lip product addiction. These are the Cream Lipsticks in Rust Me and Tea Rose.

Rust Me is the perfect mauve/brown/rose for fall. These lipsticks are creamier than any I have previously owned – which is saying something. They are very pigmented, so if you like a sheerer lip, you will have to blot. I’ve been wearing it all the time since I got it.

Tea Rose is a bright – and I seriously mean bright – coral pink. This color is definitely more suited for spring and summer, but I’m happy I bought it nonetheless. It’s going to be a fun color to break out when I want something cheery.

These lipsticks are not drying, but they’re also not hydrating. They sit comfortably on the lips, apply smoothly without tugging, and they don’t emphasize lip lines. They also wear relatively long, which I something I typically find problematic in other lipsticks. I apply this in the morning and it still looks perfect by dinner time. It’s not quite as intense, but it wears away evenly so you aren’t left with weird splotches. They have over 20 shades, which is impressive for only $9.95 each.

I’ve only scratched the surface with the new H&M Beauty. I’m super impressed with the quality and the look/feel of the new products. I want to try some nail polish, eyeliners, and the shower oil next. I’m hoping it will be a great dupe for the L’Occitane Shower Oil!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah


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