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A Beauty Haul Moment – Fall Ulta 2015


Hi everyone! I am finally back with a new post. I’ve been super busy with midterms and visiting with my friends who were home for fall break this past weekend. I missed them SO much and it was wonderful to be able to see them before they all headed back to their schools.

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured into Ulta with a $10 rewards coupon in my hand. I really like their rewards program; while Sephora’s is fine, Ulta lets you spend money on makeup you actually want rather than samples that are mediocre.

Turns out, Ulta was also having a 40% off sale on Revlon, Physician’s Formula, and Almay. So I went a little crazy. I hope you enjoy seeing what I bought!


I first indulged in about a million Revlon nail polishes. They are hands down my favorite drugstore nail polishes. They have a wide range of colors, a beautiful finish, and a strong staying power. When I saw that they released Gel Envy nail polishes, I was sold. This kit was the best bargain as it included a gel color with the diamond top coat. I can’t wait to try this out. The color is Perfect Pair, which is a pretty pearly pink.


The next few are from their regular nail polish line. This is in the color Bewitching, which is a deep raspberry red. My ultimate go-to red nail polish is OPI’s Cinnamon Sweet (which Hayley Atwell wears as Peggy Carter in Agent Carter). But I figured it would be okay to get this one as well since Cinnamon Sweet is a very true brick red. This is going to be fun for the holidays, as well. I’ve got an old Sephora Christmas glitter polish that would be pretty over the top. And again, you can’t beat the price. I think these ended up being $2.30 or something ridiculous like that.


This Revlon nail polish is in the color Rich, which is a very interesting silver/gray/green glitter. It’s going to be fun for the holidays again, but I’m looking forward to wearing it now in the fall. I have nothing like this in my collection, and the picture doesn’t do it justice.


Last one, I promise. This is a Revlon matte pearl top coat. It’s a very intriguing concept, and I was eager to test it out. It basically makes your nail look like a frosty pane of glass. It reminded me of when you order those old-timey pops at Cracker Barrel and they bring it out to you in a frosted mug. The effect is cool, and it actually lasted pretty well. Normally matte nail polishes chip on me like no other. I had a bottle of OPI Russian Navy like that. I would apply it right before bed, sleep after I let it dry, and I’d wake up in the morning with entire nails chipped off. This stuff is definitely worth checking out, and it’s the same price as the regular nail polishes.



After I perused the Revlon nail polishes for approximately an hour, I snagged this Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Rich. Revlon has a pretty comprehensive shade range, and I was on the hunt for the perfect budget Rosie Huntington-Whitely lip color. She loves rose-y, nude pinks. While this is a little off from what I was looking for (much more terracotta/rose/berry, which is definitely unique from everything else in my collection), I’m digging the color. The formula is super moisturizing and wears fairly well throughout the day. The only thing I dislike is that there are no testers at Ulta. When a lipstick is sealed, I want to see how it looks and swatches compared to what the bottom of the tube says it’s going to look like (because those aren’t always accurate).


The rest of the haul is fairly boring. I picked up a back-up of my Physician’s Formula Eye Booster liquid liner. This is the easiest liquid liner for me to use because I’m just terrible at it. I need a liner pen and I have to practically glue my face to the mirror. Still, my eyeliner game is not strong. But this pen makes it easy and it also comes out jet black, which I appreciate. This also has lash serum in it, which is a total bonus for anyone with sparse lashes. I don’t have that problem, but I do notice a subtle difference when I use this on the regular.


Lastly I grabbed the Almay Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks, for when I mess up on the aforementioned liquid liner. These are very nifty because they have the makeup remover already inside of the Q-Tip. Just snap off the end, let the remover seep into the cotton bud, and you are good to go! These also come in a nice little case, so you can easily pop them into your purse when you are on the go.

Thanks for reading everyone!

xoxo Rebekah

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