Fashion Moments

A Fashion Moment – Stylish Coats Under $100

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a great week. This one has been a little insane with events surrounding things at school, but they’re all positive and very exciting.

Unfortunately, though winter will shortly be upon us. Bid farewell to precious flip flops, sacred shorts and lovely tank tops.

Say goodbye, also, to the light military inspired jackets and classic trench coats that carried you through the slight chill of fall.

This means it’s time to revamp your coat collection for the coming six months. I always find that this is an endless struggle: finding coats that are chic, timeless and warm. You’d be surprised of how many coats there are that meet the first two qualifications but inexplicably fail the third.

Usually to find a warm coat, you have to shell out quite a bit of money. But below I have compiled some of my favorite winter outerwear under $100 in the hopes that you will spend the next season both snuggle-y and stylish. One key thing to look for in inexpensive coats is the material; wool will keep you warm, cotton probably will not.


H&M / H&M / Target / Modcloth / ASOS / Forever 21 / Forever 21 / Charlotte Russe / Tobi

Also as an FYI to fellow makeup addicts, Sephora’s VIB Rouge annual 20% off sale starts November 6. Start building those wishlists!

Thanks for reading! Some exciting Halloween costumes will also be coming later this week.

xoxo Rebekah

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