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A What to Wear Moment – Halloween Costumes 2015

Halloween is tomorrow.

Yeah. Wasn’t it just summer a few days ago? Weird.

My refusal to deal with time moving quickly aside, if you haven’t decided on your costume yet, consider some of these last-minute ideas based on some of my favorite television and movie characters. If you would like even more ideas, check out the post I did last year as well as this article for a handful of deliciously pun-ny costumes.

Here are five awesome ideas for Halloween costumes:

Victoria’s Secret Angel






If you’ve always wanted to pretend you’re a coveted VS Angel, Halloween is the perfect opportunity. The costume is also, literally, the easiest thing ever. Pair ripped jeans, ankle boots, a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show t shirt (which you probably have twelve of from over the yearsย if you’re like me) and a black, moto-style leather jacket. Add big, bouncy curls and glowing makeup. Add an extra fun touch by slipping on a pair of angel wings.

Peggy Olson





Peggy Olson is my HOMEGIRL. She’s probably the best definition of girl boss there is. If you don’t watch Mad Men, you should probably get on that because you are missing some seriously good television. This costume is inspired by my favorite scene from the show, when Peggy spends the day drinking with Roger before moving into the new ad building, and she strolls in like she owns the place. You go, girl. For this costume, any seventies-inspired button up skirt will work with a graphic striped t shirt, big sunglasses, (fake) cigarette, a box full of office supplies, and an “I do what I want” attitude.

Daisy Buchanan







“Gatsby? What Gatsby?” The Great Gatsby might just be my favorite book of all time (tied with To Kill a Mockingbird, of course). I love learning about the 1920s and there’s something so hauntingly/tragically beautiful about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s view of the American Dream. Daisy is such a classic choice too because let’s be honest, she never really goes out of style. The glitz and the glamour is nostalgic and the perfect choice for this Halloween. All you need is a beaded, drop-waist dress, glimmering headband, sparking jewels, and cute kitten heel or t-strap shoes. This costume works just the same for a plain old flapper.

Chanel Oberlin






Another show I recommend is Scream Queens, though I do so hesitantly for anyone who does not like gore. This show is a mix between Mean Girls and American Horror Story; it’s definitely heavy on the drama and the violence. But it’s also heavy on style, which is definitely my favorite part! The cast is fabulous, but Emma Roberts and her character, Chanel Oberlin, have a fantastic wardrobe. For this costume, I added a houndstooth skirt (pretty sure it’s the exact same one Emma is wearing; most of the cast’s clothes are from H&M as is my skirt), a white tie-neck blouse, pink overcoat, ladylike bag, sunglasses and my best resting you-know-what face.

Rory Gilmore






If Peggy is my first homegirl, Rory is my second. Never have I identified with a television character so strongly before. Gilmore Girls is a classic television show so you can’t go wrong with this choice. It’s also an incredibly easy costume; pop on your favorite pair of jeans, a mid-2000s sweater, and a matching scarf. Grab a stack of newspapers, a coffee cup and start working on how fast you can rattle off witty remarks to truly embrace the Gilmore lifestyle. If you’re curious, you can check out the newspapers I’m holding here [/shamelessplug].

I hope everyone has a fantastic (and safe, seriously don’t be stupid) Halloween!

xoxo Rebekah

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