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A Beauty Moment – The Best Makeup Products of 2015

As we are soon venturing into 2016, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of my favorite beauty products from this past year. There are quite a few, so buckle up and let’s go!

Face Products


Right to left: Pixi Bronzer, Clinique Highligter, Becca Opal, Model Co. Peach Bellini, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink


Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlighter. I love highlighters, but I have a hard time finding a formula that I like. Some are too glittery, some aren’t shimmery enough, some emphasize pores – the list goes on. This is the best no-fuss highlighter that I’ve tried in a long time. It’s convenient for traveling because you don’t need a brush. Just swipe the stick along your cheekbones and blend out with your fingertips. The color is a beautiful, shimmery pink-champagne color that’s extremely buildable, which makes it versatile too. If I only had to own one highlighter in my collection, this would be it. It’s also fairly affordable, which is great.

Essence Match 2 Cover Concealer. I typically don’t wear face makeup (foundation, concealer, etc.) because I find that they all look cake-y on my skin. I tend to have combination skin that leans toward dry in the winter. But we all have those days where we need to cover a little problem area, so I wanted to find a concealer that would actually work with my skin type. I’ve dried a ton of drugstore higher end options, including the cult-favorite NARS concealer, but none of them performed where I needed them to be. They seemed to blend away to nothing while emphasizing dry patches, which is not what I wanted. This concealer I bought on a whim at Ulta for under $2.00, and I will never look back. It’s creamy, it’s sheer but buildable, and it actually looks like skin when you apply it. It’s blendable but it also actually covers any imperfections. If you are a concealer problem child like I am, give this one a whirl.

Pixi by Petra Beauty Bronzer in Summertime. I received this in an ipsy bag, and I’ve been reaching for it all year. What I love most about this bronzer is that it doesn’t pull orange, even in the wintertime now that I am paler. It’s got enough shimmer to add some life to the skin without making you look like a proverbial disco ball. It’s a little darker than I would typically buy, but I think it works for any skin tone because you can build it up nicely. It’s not something you have to be concerned with being too heavy-handed. I like to use a large powder brush to apply this for a subtle glow.

Model Co. Blush Cheek Powder in Peach Bellini. Another ipsy win product for me. This blush is a stunning, shimmery dark peachy-pink. I took this on every vacation with me this year because it’s the perfect summertime blush. It looks beautiful with a tan. It’s one of those products that I get happy to use because it’s so pretty. This blush is also pretty pigmented, so you have to be a tad careful when applying it so you don’t overdo it. If you’re in the market for a new summer blush, pick this one.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder. This is a brand new discovery for me this year. One of my friends made the mistake of showing me Reddit, and I shortly found/obsessed over the Makeup Addiction page, which is where I found this product. I tend to get shiny throughout my T Zone, but this powder mattifies my skin for the entire day. I believe it’s a Korean powder, and it’s pretty affordable on Amazon. Only downside is that it took a while to ship to my house. This powder also smells like mint, which I find pleasant. It’s pretty pale, but it blends away to completely to be translucent. This is definitely a product that I will be repurchasing again once I run out.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal. If you are looking for a knock-out highlighter, this is it. Where the Clinique highlighter is subtle for daytime, this one is in-your-face shimmery and glowy. I love applying this for a special occasion or night out because it just makes you look alive. The product is so buttery and smooth, and you only need a tap of this on your brush (I like to use a fan brush). A fun trick that you can use with this too is to apply some to the center of your lips, over your lipstick, to make them look fuller. It looks especially stunning with red lipstick. The Becca highlighters definitely deserve the hype they get.

Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink. I mentioned this in my Sephora Haul, but I love Kate Middleton. I had to grab this one because it’s what she wore on her wedding day. But this blush is gorgeous, all royal involvement aside. It’s perfect when you want that fresh in from the snow look to your cheeks. Just tap a fluffy blush brush lightly into this (it’s a very pigmented matte blush), and blend out on your cheeks. I love this blush because, while it looks a little crazy in the pan, it pairs beautifully with any eye or lip look. It brightens the face like no other, and it’s been my go-to winter blush.

Eye Products

DSC_0839 (2)

Top to Bottom: Starlooks Ultra Olive, Charlotte Tilbury Dark Pearl, Mac Vintage Selection


Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette. I only purchased this about a month ago, but guys, I am in love. I think that everyone needs to own this palette. I think I *might* even prefer this one over my Naked palettes. It’s neutral enough for every day, but the shadows have some oomph behind them to spice it up. The shadows last forever on the eye, are smooth and blendable, and everything in the palette works together. You can’t go wrong here.

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive. Another ipsy product! I really don’t reach for eyeliner on a daily basis because I’m not very good at it, and I feel like it can be a little harsh. But this guy is great. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery olive pencil that’s surprisingly creamy and pigmented. No tugging on the upper eyelid involved here, which is awesome. It’s priced competitively with other options like the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, and I don’t particularly like those.

Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon in Dark Pearl. These are the bomb. I only have one, but I want all of them. It’s an eye pencil that can be used for eyeshadow or eyeliner and each shade is tailored to a specific eye color. They have synthetic sapphire (so cool) in the pigment that is supposed to reflect the subtle tones in each different eye color. Dark Pearl is a shimmery purple/taupe/brown. It’s great for a wash of color across the lid or as easy eyeliner. They’re creamy and blendable, which you can probably tell by now is one of my favorite things.

Bodyography Brow Powder. This brow powder I discovered through Boxycharm. It’s pretty standard as far as brow powders go, but I really have been enjoying using this every day. I mix the light color (which I’ve seriously panned) with the lightest brown ,and it is the perfect shade for my brows. I think this product is pretty underrated, because I never hear anyone talking about it. The Anastasia Brow Powders/Pencils/Pomades get all of the love, but there are some other options that are less expensive and just as good out there.

Mac Vintage Selection Paint Pot. This is an oldie, but a goodie. If you are looking for the perfect champagne base, look no further. I wear this every single time I wear eyeshadow because it gives vivacity to the powder shadows and helps them to last all day long. It also looks stunning by itself for a quick eye. Forever my holy grail base.

Lip Products


Left to Right: Mac Lipblossum, Fresh Petal, Chanel Temeraire, No. 7 Peach Coral, Clinique Nude Pop
Top to Bottom: YSL Cherry my Cherie, L’Oréal Bloom, YSL Rose Fusion, Rimmel Out of this World


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Temeraire. This was limited edition (I believe) from Chanel’s Fall 2015 collection. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery dark red with gold pearl. The Rouge Coco formula is glossy and sheer, but this color definitely is pigmented. It makes me feel like I’m from the 20s or 30s when I wear it because it’s that dark, vampy red from back in the days of film noir. If you can find it, I highly recommend it. It’s all I’ve been reaching for when I want a punchy lip color.

No. 7 Sheer Temptations in Coral Peach. You guys this is the best summer lip color. I grabbed this on sale at Target forever ago and I’m almost done with it. It’s the perfect glossy coral-peach, as the name suggests. It’s no-fuss, so you can just apply it without a mirror without feeling like you have lipstick all over your face. It’s hydrating and looks so nice with tan skin. I will be searching endlessly for another once I sadly run out.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Petal. I have an obscene amount of lip products in my backpack for school, and this is one of them. It’s the best MLBB, mauve-pink that goes with any skin tone and any eye look. As an added bonus, the Fresh Lip Balms are some of the best on the market because they have SPF and are ridiculously moisturizing. They’re pricey, but so worth it. I’m already half way through this tube.

Clinique Lip Colour + Primer in Nude Pop. This is another recent favorite, but I have to put it on here because the formula is the bomb. It’s long lasting, shiny, buildable, and the color range is perfection. Nude Pop, like Petal, is a great MLBB color and I know this will end up in my backpack once school starts back up again. I’m all about colors that I don’t have to think about throughout the day, and this is a total winner in my book. Be wary that this does have a little bit of shimmer that can cling to dryness, though, so it’s best to exfoliate before applying.

Mac Lipstick in Lipblossum. Mac lipsticks were my jam back in the day. While I’ve branched out, there are still some amazing ones that I adore. Lipblossum is the perfect spring color. It’s a nice peachy-pink that’s sheer. The lustre formula is my fave, and I can’t wait until the weather warms up so I can start wearing this again.

YSL Tint-In-Oil in Cherry My Cherie. Check out my review here for the full low-down on this product, but basically it’s a tinted oil for moisturizing your lips. This adds the most beautiful hint of color, but it takes a few minutes to develop on the lips. Once it does, you look like you have the plumpest, rosiest lips around. I’d buy more, but the colors tend to all look the same on the lips. I’d just choose your favorite shade.

L’Oréal Infallible 8HR Gloss in Bloom. This is the best pink lipgloss ever. Like, ever. It’s a neutral, toned down pink that doesn’t lean too blue or yellow with undertones. It’s also not super nude either, so it’s going to work for a lot of different skin tones. The gloss is a touch sticky, it has a perfumed scent, and it doesn’t last for 8 hours. But as I’m sure you can tell from the lack of writing left on the packaging, I’ve used the heck out of it in spite of that. I will 100 percent be repurchasing once I kill this one.

YSL Gloss Volupte in Rose Fusion. I really like coral, pinky-peach lip glosses, and here’s another of my faves. This one has shimmer, smells like watermelon, is not sticky, and is stupid expensive. But it makes your lips look so pretty and the application is really innovative. I think this is a nice splurge item for the summertime, and it might be a contender for my favorite lipgloss formula of all time because of how smooth it is despite having shimmer. It’s a really well done lipgloss by YSL.

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in Out of this World. This was a Walmart Beauty Box find. It’s another MLBB color, but this one definitely leans more mauve with a purple undertone. I love the way these apply – they are smooth and long lasting. When they wear off, they do so evenly so you aren’t left with crazy patches or clingy bits of dryness. They smell strongly of perfume, but if you don’t mind that then I would give these a go. This is another one of the millions of lip products I keep in my backpack.

I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know your favorite products from this year and have a Happy (and safe) New Year!

xoxo Rebekah

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