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An Update Moment – My Haul from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale January 2016

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Hi everyone!

Today is the day that all Lilly Lovers wait for with bated breath: The After Party Sale. It started at 8 am. but there are tons of great items left, so be sure to check it out! It ends at midnight tonight and won’t come again until the end of summer.

Last sale, Lilly introduced the virtual line. I was up at 7:30 and by the time 8:00 rolled around, I only had about 130 people in front of me on my iPad. My laptop (pro tip: keep as many devices open as you possibly can) was around 4,000 and my phone was around 35,000 LOL. I was in shortly after 8:00 and had everything I wanted safely in my purchase history by 8:15.

This sale was waaay smoother than last year’s, and I think the deals were better. Resort was pretty pricey still, but fall and the last shipment of summer were marked down nicely. Lilly also had a killer selection of accessories and old GWPs, including the coveted Red Right Return rolling cooler for $49 (as opposed to $1400 when it was a GWP).

I heard rumors that the app was down during the start of the sale though, which is a bummer. If you don’t want to wait in the virtual line (which is very reasonable now, around 5 minutes), check out,, Sugar Boutique,, and for other awesome Lilly items. Amazon has some resort marked down, including the Oh Shello Simone shift I almost broke down and bought.

Here is what I ended up grabbing. If you’d like to check out my hauls from previous sales, I’ve got one here and here.


This is the Tropical Pink Catwalkin Palmetto dress. I had two dresses on my radar for this sale, and this was one of them! I’m so excited to wear this during the winter with tights and then in the spring/summer with some cute sandals. I’ve never had a Palmetto before, but I’ve had great luck with other similar types of Lilly cotton dresses. This wasn’t that great of a deal, but it was still marked down to $64 from $98. I’ve noticed in recent sales that the cotton dresses haven’t been that largely discounted, so if you are looking for a deal, I’d check out the shifts or silk dresses.


This is the second dress I’ve been eyeing since it was released. This is the Scale Back Perla shift dress. YOU GUYS. Isn’t it beautiful? I wanted to save up for this for my birthday, but $200 is a steep price for a sleeveless dress that I can’t wear for half of the year. Obviously I needed this because it’s a mermaid dress and I love mermaids. A match made in heaven. This was originally $198, and I got it for $79! It’s unfortunately sold out on the website.


After I snagged my two must-haves, I did what any sane Lilly Lover would do and scoured the website for some more deals. I’ve kicked myself sale after sale for not grabbing any of the inexpensive strapless or sleeveless cotton dresses. Not only are they a bargain, but come summer I find myself wanting a Lilly dress that’s cool, comfortable and casual. So, I learned from past mistakes and grabbed this Windsor Strapless Dress in Iris Blue Neck In Neck. The pattern has giraffes on it! So cute. This was a steal at $34 compared to the original price of $98. I almost picked up another print but showed restraint – I’ve got my eye on the Rule Breakers Buttercups from the most recent Resort collection.

watch out

Last but not least, I am SO EXCITED for this item. It’s the Tabbie Tank Top in Watch Out. This is an HG pattern for me that I’ve searched for sale after sale. I saw this pattern right as I was getting into Lilly when I went on vacation in Duck, North Carolina at Life’s a Beach. I didn’t buy it and opted for the She She Shells Callahans instead. I so wish I would’ve grabbed the Tate skirt in this pattern! But imagine my surprise when I saw that this tank was available during this sale. I guess I got there early enough to snag one; when I clicked, I expected it to already be sold out but it wasn’t. I also haven’t received a cancellation email so I think all is good! I’d preferred a medium in this, but all they had was a small so I went with it. And for $19 instead of $38, it was worth it. I can’t find a link to any on sale, but you can buy other patterns of the same tank here.

Did you pick up anything from the sale? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah




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