Fashion Moments

An OOTD Moment – Old Navy Springtime


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

The end of the school year is wrapping up quickly. It’s definitely bittersweet for me. Sweet for obvious reasons: no school work, no deadlines, sleeping in late, warm weather, vacation, etc. All the good stuff.

But it’s also bitter because all of my friends from the paper go back home, and I won’t see them for four months. I’ve been pretty sad about that the past couple of days. 😦 Some are also graduating, which is even sadder because who knows when I will see them again. Because I go a college in Pittsburgh where I grew up, I tend to forget that not everyone also lives here haha. If only everyone didn’t live so far away! Sigh.


But I digress. Today I’m bringing you a post on my new favorite outfit from Old Navy of all places. I usually never find anything at Old Navy. I don’t know why, everything’s just always been a little meh for me. But I love this outfit! The gingham dress is SO perfect for summer, and I’ve literally worn that denim jacket at least a dozen times since I’ve gotten it.

DSC_0280DSC_0323DSC_0320DSC_0295My shoes are extra special, too, because I picked them up when I was in Paris! I’m so happy it’s finally getting warmer so I can bust ’em out.


Jacket: Old Navy * Dress: Old Navy * Shoes: Zara

What’s your favorite outfit for spring and summer? PS y’all: Totally check out your local Marshall’s if you are looking for Lilly Pulitzer on sale. I found a Scuba to Cuba Dusk Dress for just $60!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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