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A Life Moment – My Pittsburgh Summer Bucket List

Hi everyone!

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Summer is going BY so fast, and I am not okay with it. It’s basically a month before I head back to school which is crazy because it feels like I just got done with finals yesterday. I have less than a month of my summer left in Pittsburgh because in August I’m heading to Orlando for vacation.

My friends and I always get together each week to watch Pretty Little Liars (Spoilers from last night’s episode: Aria got engaged to Ezra FINALLY, and I’m so excited), and we like to try to do as many other activities as we can as one group. However, now that we’re all adults and have jobs, it’s more difficult than ever to find some time when we are free.

So today, I’m posting this list of the top things I want to do in Pittsburgh before I leave, kind of like a summer bucket list. Mostly, this is just something to use as a reminder when my friends and I do finally have time to head out into the city. But it can also be used as a guide to some fun things that Pittsburgh has to offer this time of year if anyone reading this will be visiting from out of town.



Spend an evening at Station Square. Okay this one really isn’t for me, but some of my friends have actually not been to Station Square – a spot near South Side that has a strip of restaurants and beautiful waterfront views of the city – for dinner in the evening. I’ve gone a few times over the past year, and it’s always fun to sit and watch the fountain before your reservations or take photographs against the backdrop of the city. Especially with the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having recently, Station Square is the perfect destination to relax and enjoy an evening with friends.

Ride the Incline and Visit Mount Washington. If you look up Pittsburgh on the internet, most of the pictures you will find of the city are taken from Mount Washington. It’s a little neighborhood that has the most stunning views of Downtown. I haven’t actually been in years and would like to spend some time taking it all in. And the last time I was there was for a softball tournament when I was younger, so we drove. The quintessential (or perhaps most tourist-y) way to get to Mount Washington is by taking the Incline. I definitely want to do this this summer because, much to the shock of my friends, I’ve never been before. I know, I’m a sham of a Pittsburgher.


Go to a baseball game. Another perfect way to spend a beautiful summer evening in Pittsburgh is by heading over to PNC Park for a baseball game. None of us particularly follow baseball, but there’s something about the way the city looks from the stadium that is so absolutely wonderful. If it’s a nice night, there will be little boats bobbing up and down on the river right outside, and when the sunset reflects off of the skyscraper windows, it’s like magic. Tickets are pretty inexpensive, too, especially if you sit at the top.

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Ignore my LA Kings shirt. #LetsGoPens

Spend a day at Kennywood. This is something that I’ve done nearly every year since I was a little kid. For anyone who has never been to Kennywood before, I like to think of it much more as a nostalgic amusement park than one you go to for actual high-thrill rides (like Cedar Point). I’m really interested in history, particularly how people lived and what their lifestyles were through the decades, so it’s so fascinating to see all of these rollercoasters and rides that have been around – and are still operating – since the early 1900s. Each time I go on them, I wonder about the people who rode them in the 1920s or the 1940s. There’s a great train ride that walks you through the history of Kennywood, and I always enjoy seeing the pictures of what the park looked like back in the day. Some of my friends and I were able to go last year, and we had an absolute blast. I’m hoping we all can make it this time around.

Movies in the Park. This is something new that we’ve never done before. One of my friends shared this link with us on Facebook a few months ago when we were still drowning in schoolwork about parks all over Pittsburgh that show weekly movies under the stars. It looks like so much fun! When I was in New York, there were outdoor movies like this all of the time, but I never got a chance to go to one. It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun as this will be, though, because I would’ve been by myself. Pack up a picnic, grab a big blanket for everyone to sit on (plus some bug spray because mosquitos are ruthless), and a movie in the park will be the perfect summer activity.


I hope you found this list somewhat helpful or at least mildly interesting.

(On a separate note, we started playing this Ariana Grande song at work, and now I’m obsessed with it. It’s pretty much all I’ve been playing over the last week, which is surprising because I don’t really like her that much. Check it out if you have a second!)

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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