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A What to Wear Moment – A Guide to Buying Kendra Scott Jewelry

Hi everyone!

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Outfit Details: Kendra Scott Cuff / Horsebit Bracelet from Paris (Similar-ish. Warning: It’s $7600. I paid like 20 for mine.)

My style tends to change through the seasons. I think that’s pretty normal for most people. For example, I tend to put a lot more thought into my outfits during the fall because it’s finally the perfect weather outside. Not too hot, not too cold – perfect for layers, boots, and jackets. I dress far preppier during the summer because it’s so hot out, and I just live in Lilly shorts and dresses. The spring is where I finally get to break out my favorite sundresses again, and the winter, to be honest, is just a black hole. I wear whatever will keep me warm and sane, and fashion takes a bit of a backseat.

But what doesn’t necessarily change is my taste in jewelry and accessories. I guess I’m a little particular when it comes to the jewelry I wear. My favorites are always from J. Crew, Kate Spade, Alex & Ani, and Kendra Scott. I love a good Forever21 bargain every once in a while, but there’s something to be said about the quality of the slightly more expensive brands.

I’ve especially been getting into Kendra Scott lately, but her pieces can be waaay pricey at times, so I thought it would be helpful if I put together a guide of my favorite pieces and things I have my eye on. Pretty much anything from Kendra Scott will be an investment, and so long as you make sure it’s a piece that fits with many different options in your wardrobe, you’re sure to get a lot of use for the money.

fave kendra scott

(left to right, top to bottom row)

Elisa Pendant /// How gorgeous is this fuchsia pendant? I bought my sister a turquoise version of this necklace for Christmas, and she wears it all the time. If you typically like dainty, shorter necklaces but don’t like constantly having to rearrange the pendant as it pulls the necklace’s clasp down into view, then the Elisa is for you. The pendant is attached at both sides so it lays where you leave it without any fussing! I also LOVE the rose gold version.

Kiri Necklace /// I have a Kiri necklace that I wear literally all of the time. When I’m not sure what jewelry to wear with a certain outfit, I wear this. It’s so simple and elegant; it’s just an absolutely beautiful staple to have. Again, if you like shorter necklaces but don’t mind a loose pendant on the chain, pick this one. The teardrop-shaped stone is so flattering, and the price point is very reasonable for something that’s truly a staple piece. The one I own has a darker stone similar to this. It is stunning.

Rayne Necklace /// If you’ve ever read a blog, watched a YouTube video, or scrolled through an Instagram account – especially those based in the South – you’ve definitely seen this necklace before. It’s the iconic long statement necklace that pairs impeccably well with Lilly dresses and drapey t-shirts. I don’t actually own a Rayne necklace but have had one on my list for quite a while now. They are expensive, so I’m just trying to pin down a color combination I know I will get a lot of use out of compared to the rest of my wardrobe, but I’m in love with the rose gold and opal pairing! I think the amethyst is quite pretty, too.

Tessa Stud Earrings /// I’m so obsessed with druzy jewelry. It’s earthy and raw while still providing tons of sparkle and visual interest. I love the look of these earrings because they’re jagged and imperfect but are still so beautiful. I’m a hardcore stud earrings wearer on a day-to-day basis because they’re simple. It’s easy to pop a pair of them in and not have to worry about detangling your hair from them every five seconds. Rose gold goes with absolutely everything, too. If you don’t like druzy, there’s plenty of regular glass stone options to choose from.

Danielle Earrings /// Remember how popular the Rayne necklaces are? The Danielle’s are basically the earring version of the Rayne. Almost every girl who owns Kendra Scott is bound to own a pair of these earrings. The stone is nearly the same shape as the Rayne to begin with. But, the reason why so many girls have these is because they, once again, go with everything. They’re a simple pop of color or a power neutral to pair with any outfit. The only reason why I’ve ever been hesitant to purchase a pair is because they are quite large. They measure a little under two inches long by an inch wide. I’d imagine they’re a little heavy to wear, but if that doesn’t bother you, I’d spring for these.

Dani Earrings /// If you like the idea of the Danielle Earrings but are turned off by the sheer size of them, then the Dani Earrings are for you, sister. These are basically half the length and width at only one inch long by a half of an inch wide. They’re still an oval drop earring without being totally overwhelming, both physically and visually. The only thing I’m not a fan of with these is the price. They’re half as large as the Danielle, but the price point is the same. I’d think for receiving less stone and gold you’d be paying less, but that’s not the case with these. They’re still a gorgeous option though, and they can be worn casually and in more formal scenarios!

Alexandra Earrings /// These might be my favorite drop earrings that Kendra Scott does because of the shape. I absolutely love the unique diamond look, and they’re unique from what a lot of different brands are doing at the moment. However, these are mammoth. They’re larger than the Danielle at two inches long by approx. an inch and a half wide, and I know my poor ears probably can’t handle that much pulling. But they are lust-worthy, that’s for sure. Here’s to forever gracing my Pinterest boards but never my jewelry collection, Alexandra.

Elton Bracelet /// I have a cuff from Kendra Scott that’s extremely similar to the Elton. I think it might be discontinued, but the Elton is basically the same thing. And guys – I wear this ALL OF THE TIME. I normally dislike bracelets because they just get in the way. I’m a journalism major so I’m always writing/typing/whatever during the school year, and they just get uncomfortable. Besides my beloved Alex & Ani bracelets, the Elton is the only other bracelet I have that doesn’t drive me up a wall when I’m working. It’s an open cuff with two druzy stones (so much love) that just fits to the wrist perfectly. No slipping, no sliding, no awkwardly crushing your wrist bones. Again, this comes in regular glass stones if druzy isn’t your thing!

Andy Bracelet /// This is DEFINITELY going to be my next Kendra Scott purchase. It’s like the more whimsical cousin of the Elton. I’m in love with the bright magenta stones (but they come in a variety of colors), and the detail of the metal around the stone itself is WOW. So pretty. It’s another open cuff that’s adjustable so no need to worry about it annoyingly sliding up and down your arm. The price is pretty decent at $50 as well.

Jana Bracelet /// I absolutely have my eye on the Jana Bracelet as well. You guys, this is just so pretty. Just look at it. I adore the vibrant teal stones, the gold embellishment around each stone, the fact that it has a lobster clasp – just everything about this bracelet looks perfect. I think it would be so lovely stacked with a nice watch and perhaps another dainty bracelet for a subdued “arm candy.”

What’s your favorite piece of Kendra Scott jewelry?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah



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