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An OOTD Moment – Lilly on the Bluff

Hi everyone!


Outfit Details: Lilly Pulitzer Dress / Pearl Necklace (Similar) / Gold Sandals (Similar)

I hope you are all having as lovely of a Monday as possible. I know I’m trying to.


The beautiful Lilly Pulitzer Calissa Dress in ‘Wave Rider’ is another one of my purchases from the Madison Ave. store in New York City. One of my favorite things to do when I was there was to walk down Fifth Avenue from where the store was located near 79th allllll the way to where I was living near 14th Street. It took me hours because I kept popping in and out of stores, but it was the BEST way to spend a weekend alone. I repeated this two other weekends with my sister, and then my mom and Nana.

Let me just say, though, that lugging a giant Lilly bag for 60+ blocks was not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done. I definitely got an arm workout, for sure.


The best thing about visiting a Lilly store in real life is that you can comb through the racks and get a closer look at pieces that otherwise wouldn’t have caught your eye. Every purchase I came away with that day was something I didn’t even notice on the website. It also didn’t hurt that this dress was over $100 off.


Remember when I said I was a 6 in basically all Lilly dresses? Sometimes it pays to try things on. I pulled this dress off of the rack and noticed that the largest size they had was a 2. I’m rarely a size 2 (I think the only other item I might own that size is a Kate Spade skirt), but this looked roomy so I thought I’d give it a try.


It fits perfectly. Like a dream. I would have been swimming in a 6. It’s a tad short, but that’s not necessarily the dress’ fault (I am 5’9″ after all). I love how flattering it is. It’s almost a crepe material, and it’s a flowy shift that doesn’t hug in any awkward places. The double-V neckline is maybe the greatest thing ever created because it’s also bra-friendly and looks great with a statement necklace.


Plus the pattern is so adorable. I live in blue on most days because it’s easy and goes with everything, so this dress fits wonderfully into my wardrobe. I have my eye on this same dress, but in the Mango Salsa pattern, once the After Party Sale rolls around.


I’ve also worn this a ton since I bought it over a month ago. I wore it once in New York, our first night out to dinner in Washington DC, and again for this post. That’s when you know you’ve made a good purchase.

What’s your favorite dress?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah


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