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A Get the Look Moment – Outfits Inspired by “Stranger Things” Nancy Wheeler

Hi everyone!


Outfit Details: Dress (Similar) / Button Down (Similar) / Cardigan / Flats

If there’s one show on Netflix that you should absolutely be watching right now, it’s “Stranger Things.” If you haven’t already done this, stop reading this blog post. Stop doing everything important in your life and dedicate the next eight hours to Netflix.

You guys, it’s amazing. I can’t really even describe here – adequately, at least – how fantastic it is. “Stranger Things” is basically an E.T. meets The X-Files with a dash of Supernatural kind of show, and it is set in the ’80s. I’d never even heard of it (aka I live under a rock) until a newly-minted best friend asked if I’d seen it yet.

I crushed the first season in a single day.

One of my favorite characters from the show is Nancy Wheeler. She’s your typical high school teenager trying to find the balance between being herself and being popular. That is, until she has to become a little more hardcore to save her friends from danger. I’ll just leave it at that so I don’t spoil anything for you. 🙂

While some may find that Nancy’s outfits are heinous and terrible, I love them. Like honestly. I find them incredibly charming and, I don’t know, refreshing even. But it’s not 1980 anymore, so I’ve picked out two of my favorite outfits that she wore during the show and recreated them in a 2016 manner. That way you can get down with your bad monster-fighting self without looking like you actually walked out of the show.

Look One:

nancy 3nancy 1


This outfit is from one of the first episodes (maybe even the first episode itself? They all kind of blended together since I binge-watched them) where Nancy is meeting with her prospective boyfriend, Steve, in the bathroom. Spoiler alert, but let’s be clear on one thing: Steve is the worst. I absolutely subtract points from Nancy for picking him – in typical 1980s, Pretty in Pink,” fashion – over Jonathan Byers. Come on girlfriend, it’s not even a difficult choice.

I’m obsessed with this outfit and am totally going to wear this out one day. It’s cute, girly, and even a little preppy while adding a nod to the 80s. Instead of wearing white tights (plz no) and whatever that strange skirt is, go for light flats and a lace midi.

Look Two:

nancy 4nancy 5


Outfit Details: Jacket (Similar) (Another Option) (And Another!) / Sweater (Similar) / Shirt (Similar) / Jeans (Similar) / Boots (Similar)

This particular outfit is from when Nancy is collecting up weapons with Jonathan and practicing using them so she doesn’t get obliterated by this crazy monster/creature/demon. Her ponytail is goals here, and I was too lazy to even try to recreate it because I know I couldn’t do it justice. This was definitely a fun look to shoot in August heat (not).

This outfit is perfect for fall. I love the sweater, I love the plaid, I love the jacket. It’s adorable and something that everyone can pull off, whether you’re fighting monsters or just heading off to class (hopefully it’s the second for you. If it’s not, good luck). I *so* wish that I had a button down Sherpa jacket like that, though. She pulls it off effortlessly.

Have you watched “Stranger Things” yet?

Thanks so much for reading! These are some of my favorite posts to do. 🙂

xoxo Rebekah

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