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A Beauty Moment – My 5 Must-Have Products Right Now

Hi everyone!


I’ve always loved trying out new beauty products. There’s something so fun about strolling into Ulta or Sephora to play with all of the makeup that’s been released recently before inevitably shelling out on some lipstick or bronzer.

But there’s also something about having your holy grail products – the ones you reach for over and over again. They’re the go-to’s on the daily, and recently I’ve been finding myself wearing the same products each time I put on makeup (without getting bored). That’s pretty big for me since I have a sizable collection and like to rotate things out on a regular basis.

Here are my five must-have makeup and beauty products right now that I have been absolutely loving. I’ve been going for a fresh, dewy, “no makeup” look that’s natural and radiant. It’s easy, and it’s something that looks good on everyone. The products are all pretty affordable too, so check them out if you get the chance!

One // Maybelline Full N’ Soft Mascara. Mascara was the first makeup product I ever wore. I was a late bloomer, and in the 8th grade, it was a Maybelline mascara with grey (*shudder*) eyeliner on my lower lash line every. single. day. Mascara has been a consistent love of mine, and I’ve tried practically every formula out there I think. None of them – not the lowest-end Wet n’ Wild to the highest-end Dior – were able to create my ideal lashes: long, separated, full but not clumpy. That is, none of them until the glorious Full N’ Soft. It basically does everything I want it to. It gives me thick, dark lashes that are long and voluminous without feeling crispy and with no clumping whatsoever. I’m on like my fifth tube of this stuff and won’t be stopping any time soon.

Two // Topshop Glow in Polish. I snagged this in New York during one of my weekends walking Fifth Ave. I saw Topshop for the first time in person, perched on the corner in all of its glory. I ran inside quickly, eager to escape the crowded streets and behold the amazing products I’d only seen online. There was even a live DJ (which they might have every weekend? There was another when I went back a week later). I picked this highlighter up on an impulse because I’d read about Topshop makeup being wonderful, even though the last thing I needed was more highlighter. GUYS. This stuff is amazing. It’s a cream illuminator that comes in a little pot. It’s got the strangest texture – almost spongey, but not quite there yet. It blends onto the skin so beautifully and has almost an iridescent reflect to it. It throws off pink and peach on the cheek and reminds me of an opal in a way. I’ve been wearing this ever since I got it, and I’m still obsessed.

Three // Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I grabbed this bad boy while I was in Paris, but it’s available at Sephora/any major department store here in the US (sadly it’s much cheaper in Paris though). It’s a spray that tones, sets makeup, adds radiance to the skin, and reduces the look of pores. I use it mostly to set my makeup and to set off the powdery-ness of the skin if I go overboard with the setting powder. It’s also incredibly refreshing and soothing on a hot day, so I’ve been reaching for this often.

Four // Cargo Waterproof Blush in Los Cabos. This was another little product I picked up while in New York. I visited the Birchbox store in SoHo – it was everything I’d hoped it would be, by the way, and every beauty lover MUST visit – where I built my own personal Birchbox. This blush, for starters, is perfect for summer because it’s waterproof. Now I don’t know how true that necessarily is because it comes off when I wash my face with soap and water. But what I will say about this product, the main reason why I love it so much right now, is its staying power. I will apply this in the morning and get home from work at night with my blush still looking freshly applied. It doesn’t go patchy or disappear. It might have something to do with it being incredibly pigmented; it’s a gorgeous golden coral shade, but literally just tap your brush in the pan or you’ll be looking a tad clownish. This color is gorgeous with a tan, too, and looks great with the Topshop Glow.

Five // Burt’s Bees Lipsticks. This is another product I snagged at the Birchbox store in Soho. These lipsticks are just great, you guys. I have a nude (Blush Basin) color that I’ve worn daily as well as a berry shade that looks great for when you want to add a punch of color to your look. They’re moisturizing, pigmented, and just all around solid drugstore lipsticks. I’m really impressed with the formula and want to pick up more. The only think I’m not super crazy about is that the lipstick is taller than the tube. You have to be careful when you put the lid on so you don’t scrape the product on the inside. Other than that (which is just me being nitpicky), check these out for sure!

What are your favorite beauty products right now? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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