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An OOTD Moment – It’s a Mod, Mod World

Hi everyone!


Details: Skirt / Crop Top / Sandals (Similar)

Hey look at that, another post in a new location. 🙂 This batch of pictures was infinitely less awkward than the last haha. I picked this skirt up FOREVER ago from H&M. I think it was even a Spring Break pop-up deal that I snagged one night while passing time at the newspaper (so probably February, lol). Good news though – it’s still available!


It’s so adorable, and I’m so mad at myself for not busting it out sooner in the season. It honestly just got lost at the back of my closet until I was cleaning the other week and saw the bright floral pattern sticking out from behind some of my other skirts.

DSC_0204DSC_0191 (2)

Something about this outfit is so ’60s to me, and I love it. Maybe it’s the bright florals, maybe it’s the button-down detail of the skirt, maybe it’s because my hair is in a ponytail. I’m not sure, but I know I’d wear this outfit ever single day if it was both socially and weather-ly accepted.


Since the skirt is so bold and fun, I kept the rest of the outfit low-key. This crop top from Boohoo is one of my favorites because it’s still fairly long despite being a crop top. I also adore the cut; it’s incredibly flattering. Plus it’s black, and that goes with everything.



I added some platform wedges that I picked up years ago from Bass. These are cute leather ones with a patterned wicker heel. They’re also the easiest things ever to walk in. I’m down for any comfy shoe there is, especially when it’s a heel, so these were no-brainers.

What piece of clothing do you forget you have but love?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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