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An Outift of the Day Moment – Lilly Pulitzer Essie Top and Lenore Skort

Hi everyone!


Outfit Details: Top / Skort

Happy Labor Day! I’m just going to pretend I’m back in Florida having fun on vacation for today, okay?


As I’ve said in my previous post about this dress, I did a little bit of gallivanting through the new Lilly Pulitzer in Disney Springs. I probably tried on upwards of 25 items, and shoutout to my wonderful sister who sat through them all, giving me advice on what to get.


Leah actually found this Lenore Skort for me, which is something that I probably would’ve never picked up on my own. But you guys, I love it. So simple, so so classic. So chic. Why did I not think I needed a navy and white skort in my wardrobe before?


Lilly skorts are the best, and if you’ve never tried them before, you should check them out. They’re basically just skirts with little shorts built in underneath so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps. I find that these are perfect for when I work because I can look put together while still being able to move freely.


I love the Lilly Pulitzer Essie tops too, and this gorgeous hot pink floral one (in “Magenta Hottie”) is to die for. The cut is flattering, the shape is comfortable, and I think this pattern will transition well into fall.


I actually really like these two items paired together, and I think you could easily add a cardigan and tights/boots/flats to make it work for the warmer autumn days. Or even winter. I just wear what makes me happy no matter what season it is, and I think everyone should try to do a little more of that themselves.


Also please ignore my crazy French braid in this picture. It was maybe 100 degrees outside with humidity when we took these photographs in Orlando, and this Pittsburgh girl was not prepared for the struggle.

Thanks for reading everyone!

xoxo Rebekah

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