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An Outfit of the Day Moment – Zara Lace Midi Dress

Hi everyone!


Outfit Details: Dress (Similar – Love this!) / Flats / Earrings (Similar) / Bralette

I’m sure you are all super tired of hearing about my shopping extravaganzas while I was on vacation in Florida, but I promise I only have a few more posts sharing my finds left!


I was in the Disney Springs Zara with my sister and mother shopping the store’s massive sale that only happens a couple of times a year. The sale actually began when I was in New York, and I popped in while I was there multiple times to see if I could find anything good. Same with when I was in Washington D.C. But the stores were all too crowded, and the prices weren’t anything spectacular.

Florida though? Totally different story.


Karlie Kloss is one of my FAVORITE people on this planet, and I think she has a killer sense of style. I don’t know why, but this dress is totally something I see her wearing.


I picked it up off of the rack in Zara and prayed it was a medium. Turns out, luck was with me that day, and I got this bad boy for only $20. It feels SO much more expensive than that, and honestly, I think it looks it, too. It’s difficult to find such intricate lace dresses that are patterned and cut so beautifully for anything less than a couple of hundred dollars.


The hemline is absolutely gorgeous on this too. It’s modest and delicate without being old-fashioned or mum-sy. If you ever take a look through my Pinterest boards, you can pretty easily tell that I’m into really romantic-looking clothing. It’s not always the most practical or wallet-friendly, but I adore it. Anything Valentino-esque, Dolce & Gabbana inspired, anything resembling Elie Saab is right up my alley. This find is maybe one of my favorites, ever.


Also, I told you guys you’d be seeing an absurd amount of posts with these flats in them. I’m just obsessed, and for the price, the quality is so. good. I wore these the other day to class, and they’re incredibly comfortable too. I think they add an edge to the dress that keeps it from being too overly-feminine. The crystal earrings add a bit of glamour.


I plan on wearing this to class dressed down with a denim jacket and some lace-up sandals. Isn’t it funny how dresses like this can be so versatile even when upon first glance you’d think it could never work?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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