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A Life Moment – What’s Going On

Hi everyone!


I thought I’d just take a post here to rant and rave about the things that are currently going on in my life. One of my favorite bloggers does this once a week, and I thought it would be fun to try out!

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My best friend was home over Labor Day Weekend, and I was so excited to see her again! The worst part about going back to school is that all of my friends go to colleges at least 2 hours away, so I never get to see them.

Kristen suggested we try the new Naturoll Creamery ice cream shop in Lawrenceville. If you live in/around Pittsburgh, you’ve probably seen this place on Instagram at some point. We wanted to see if it lived up to the hype because it seems a little gimmicky at first. The entire premise of the creamery is that they make the ice cream to-order, by taking vanilla ice cream base and freezing it on a ridiculously cold metal plate. As the ice cream freezes, they add in toppings and smooth it out completely flat. Once it’s totally frozen and ready to go, they roll it up and pop it in a cup.

The price is a little steep at $7, but I think it’s totally worth it. You get a little show as they make your ice cream, and the portions are huge. You could easily split one between two people, and the presentation is also beautiful. The girl who made mine blow torched the marshmallow right in front of me LOL. I completely recommend it if you are in the area (although watch out for everyone driving because they’re LITERALLY CRAZY. We almost died).

Apart from that, I’ve been so busy between classes and work that I haven’t been able to get out and do much even though the weather has been gorgeous. Summer is still lingering, and I can’t even take advantage of it. It is funny, though, how much extra time you can find in a day that seems packed to begin with for people who matter. Sometimes you just need a break to catch up.

lilly-dressLilly came out with their new arrivals, and I’m so. loving. the new colorway of the “Gimme Some Leg” pattern. So cute! Peel n’ Eat is one of my faves, so I think I might need to grab this flamingo print as well. Plus, these 3/4 sleeve dresses are just so easy to wear during the fall and winter. They’re perfect for when it’s so gray and disgusting outside, and all you want is a pop of color. I tend to gravitate toward the Marlowe and Palmetto styles, but I tried on this Beacon when I was in Florida, and it’s just as lovely. On my wishlist for sure!

OMG how many of you guys listened to this song back in the day? I remember being a freshman in high school, sharing my iPod Classic headphones with my friends, listening to this song as we walked around the track in gym class. I was obsessed with all of her little extra songs from the album. Isn’t it crazy how fast time goes? That feels just like it was yesterday. Times were much simpler then lol. This came on my shuffle recently after not hearing it in forever, and I just had to share.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you are all doing great.

xoxo Rebekah

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