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An Outfit of the Day Moment – Fall Herringbone Skirt and Burgundy Lace Shirt

Hi everyone!


Outfit Details: Shirt (Similar) / BraletteSkirt / Belt (Similar) / Flats / Necklace (Similar)

It’s starting to feel like fall is officially here, and I love it! I always get sad when summer is over, but there’s something so special about fall. Excuse my basic white girl moment I’m about to have, but bring on the pumpkin flavored/shaped/scented everything. I’m ready.


This outfit was one of those I kind of just threw together; I had the shirt, I had the skirt, and I wondered how they looked together. Turns out, I think this is one of my favorites. Ever.


I’m considering breaking the tradition of wearing my favorite Lilly mermaid dress on my birthday in favor of this. That’s how much I love it. It kind of makes me feel like Kate Middleton. Or Sarah Vickers. Or someone from the 1940s. I just love it OKAY.



To be fair, I think this leans a tad more “holiday season” than straight-up fall, but who cares. Wear whatever makes you feel good, whenever you want. Life is too short to adhere to rules when it comes to pieces of fabric.


I think it’s probably the top that’s making me feel that way. This is under $10 at H&M, but it’s currently sold out online. I absolutely love how flattering the cut of it is. The sleeves, the style, the cute little bow at the back – it’s positively perfect. Well, except for the fact that it only comes with a half shell on the inside, and the back is just open lace. I fixed that problem by wearing an equally-lacy bralette, but you could easily just use a burgundy camisole if you wanted more coverage.


Herringbone is one of my favorite patterns, and H&M comes out with this same exact skirt season after season. Three years of work later, and I finally caved to buy it. It’s under $15, and the length is perfect! It’s Divided (which is H&M-speak for really short and really small for normal-sized people), and I’m surprised how nice the length is. Although, I need like a hybrid size between small and medium. I bought the medium because the small was a tad too short, but it’s loose in the waist.


That’s why I paired it with this gorgeous Anthropologie belt I picked up years ago. They come out with fancy, embellished belts like this all the time, and it really adds a nice touch of sparkle while bringing together the burgundy lace top with the neutral skirt. I added the silver flats and another pop of color in the necklace, because life always needs some more color.


What’s your favorite outfit for fall?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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