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A Beauty Moment – September 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have Monthly Box Review

Hi everyone!


Before we begin, you might have noticed some big changes with my blog! I decided to go for a different theme, and I have an actual website name now without the ‘.wordpress’ afterwards! Let me know what you guys think of the look. I’m still messing around with CSS stuff, so if you’ve got any tips, I’d love to hear them!

As a part of ShopStyle Collective, I signed up to be a blogger eligible to review one of the POPSUGAR Must Have boxes. I’ve always seen how amazing these guys look from reading other blogs about them, and I was delighted to have the chance to try one out myself!

POPSUGAR boxes are $40 a month and always have a value of over $100. They’re geared toward general lifestyle, so you can find a myriad of fashion, beauty, exercise/wellness, and food items in any given box!

My box wasn’t the prettiest when it arrived, lol. It looked like it went through a very difficult journey, and some of my items were damaged. Nevertheless, it was a survivor, and I am so happy with everything that was inside.

Let’s dive into the September box!


“The GFB” Gluten Free Bites // Let’s start off with a tasty one, shall we? These are “The GFB” Gluten Free Bites in dark chocolate and coconut. I wasn’t too sure how I’d like these because I literally can’t stand coconut, but you guys, these are delicious. They’re like a mix between a cookie and an energy bar, but they’re so good. You can hardly tell there’s coconut in them, so if that’s an issue, you’re golden. A serving of two is only 100 calories, and these are the perfect replacement for dessert if you’re looking for something that’s sweet without being too indulgent. I would totally eat these again.


NCLA Mani E.R. Kit // This little manicure kit by NCLA is so going to come in handy for me. I’m the worst at keeping nail tools around. I buy them, and then I instantly lose them. I love that this kit has a little home for each one, and I can just zip them all in the same pouch without having them fend for themselves in the endless black hole that is my nail polish drawer. This is also perfect for traveling!


“Flint” Rose Gold Lint Roller // You know what’s worse than having fuzzies all over your clothes? Having a lint roller that literally sticks to everything because you can’t properly store it anywhere. I always end up throwing half of the sheets away because they’re already covered in the fuzzies it picks up just from existing around the other things in my life. That’s why this Flint Retractable lint roller is such. a. good. idea. Not only is it adorable – it’s rose gold – but you can take it with you anywhere. Job interview? Throw it in your purse to make sure your skirt is perfect. Traveling? Pop it in your suitcase. Plus, they make refillable little guys so you can keep using the exterior tube and just replace the sheets. Score!


Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask // I had a sample of this from a Sephora Play! bag a while ago, and I absolutely love this product. I was so happy to see a full-sized version of it in the September POPSUGAR box! This is your average deep conditioning hair mask, and I like to apply it once a week or so in the shower instead of my regular conditioner. This product just really works so well to make your hair smooth, shiny, and soft. Give this a try if you haven’t already, you’ll love it.


Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning // We all know I have an obsession with lip products, okay? So I was super excited to see a lip gloss in the September box. I’ve never tried Smith & Cult products before, but I’m pretty impressed with this lip lacquer. It’s definitely sheer, but I like that. I’ve always preferred my lip glosses to be on the sheerer side, especially when it’s a bolder color like this red is. You can build it up with a few coats, though, if you desire a more powerful punch of pigment. There’s some slight shimmer to it that doesn’t come off like disco-ball glitter, so I don’t mind it. The texture also isn’t sticky, which I love! Overall, this is just a really nice addition to my makeup collection.


Jack & Lucy Wool Hat // This is the star of the box, you guys. The hat is so beautiful! It’s a dark black wool that I know will go perfectly with a lot of my outfits I plan on wearing throughout fall – sweaters, skirts, boots, you name it. I typically like a floppier-style hat, and this one is definitely more structured and traditional, but I kind of dig it. I think it looks pretty nice on, and I like that the brim of the hat is wider than what you might see from a typical hat of this style. I tried finding this one to link, but it may be a POPSUGAR exclusive because I’m coming up short. It’s so lovely, though.

I’m totally impressed with this box. I’m a little bummed some of my products were damaged during shipment (my lip gloss cap was dented and the hat was creased toward the top – I’m going to try to fix it with a steamer), but I enjoyed the overall quality of the box. I think whether or not it is worth $40 is dependent entirely on the types of products you like to receive! I felt like I totally got my money’s worth here.

Thanks to POPSUGAR and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post.

Thank you for reading everyone!

xoxo Rebekah

2 thoughts on “A Beauty Moment – September 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have Monthly Box Review

  1. Hi! Sorry this is sort of a random question but I really enjoyed reading your post. It showed up in my reader and I’m in the WordPress reader now and can comment on your post from there. Are you self-hosting your website? (Since I see there’s no at the end?). I’m self-hosted too and I can’t figure out why people can’t comment on my posts from their reader but someone told me it’s only posts where that can work but I’m not sure I believe that cause it works on yours and others.

    1. Hi! I actually am not self-hosted; I recently got the premium plan through, so that’s probably why you’re able to comment through the reader. I would try perhaps posting in some of the help threads to figure out your problem. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and I wish you luck!!

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