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A Beauty Moment – Sephora PLAY! September Bag Review

Hi everyone!


I signed up a few months ago for the Sephora PLAY! makeup bag. It’s like Boxycharm and ipsy – your typical beauty subscription box – but it exclusively features products you can find inside Sephora. Oh, and it’s $10 a month.

Can you see why I signed up?

I’ve gone through a few months of these bags, and right off the bat I’ll say to not expect full-sized products, like at all. If that’s your jam, check out Boxycharm. Sephora PLAY! is definitely a sample bag that includes 5 makeup/hair/nail/skincare samples plus a perfume sample each month. The bags also come with one perfume sample and a 100 beauty points card that you can use if you go shopping at Sephora that month.

Here’s what I got in September:


The Most Adorable Bag Ever // Each month, products come in these cute little drawstring bags. I absolutely loved this months! I Instagrammed it earlier in the week, and the saying printed on the bag is so me. I own too many lipsticks, but they’re so much more than that. I’m going to use this as a jewelry pouch for when I travel.


Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation // This is an oil-free moisturizer that I have yet to try lol. It feels nice on the back of the skin, but honestly, I’m not a fan of moisturizers on the daily. I just tend to forget to put them on, and I know I’m going to regret this move when I’m like 35. But for now I’m reasoning it as an unnecessary step. But I will get around to trying this eventually! Sephora’s website says this product treats dryness, dark spots, uneven texture, and uneven skintone. This is a pretty decent sample size; I can easily get a week or so’s worth out of here.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap // This is one of those products that just seems too good to be true. This is an overnight hair product that gives you one week’s worth of shinier, healthier, more vibrant, and more manageable hair – overnight. You apply a quarter-sized amount to damp hair before bed, and you can leave it in when you wake up. I tried this out, and I LOVE the way it made my hair look and feel. It wasn’t greasy or heavy; it gave my hair considerable more shine and wayyy less frizz. I will totally be purchasing this when I run out of it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel // If there is one thing I always need more of in life, it’s brow gel. I’ve tried this particular brand before, but brow gel is just one of those necessities I never tire of receiving in subscription boxes. This formula is great at making your brows stick where you move them, but the texture can be strange for first-time users. It feels a lot like you put hairspray in your brows. But if you can get past that, it’s a great product. I’m happy to have a travel-sized version to throw in my backpack for school!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Black // One thing I will say about the Sephora PLAY! bags is that they send out a TON of cult-favorite products. So if you’re new to makeup and are dying to try some of the holy grails people are raving about without dropping all that cash, this subscription service is perfect for you. I don’t beauty shop as much as I’d like to (time-wise and money-wise), so I really appreciate when these samples pop up. This is another guy I have yet to try, but it swatches wonderfully! Super opaque and black, and the brush makes it feel super easy to get a precise wing. Love.


Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in Love Spell // The last sample from this bag was a teeny-tiny lipstick sample from the Sephora collection. I really wish they would’ve just sent a full-sized Sephora lipstick because, honestly, they’re not that expensive to begin with. And this guy is small. I’m probably going to lose it before I even get the chance to try it out. The color is a sheer baby pink, and I actually am a fan of the formula. It’s between a sheer to medium-coverage lipstick with a fair amount of sheen to it. Really pretty, but boy do I wish they would’ve sent us a big one.


Swatches of the Liner and Lipstick.

Have you ever tried Sephora PLAY! before? What do you think of the bags?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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