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22 Things I’ve Learned in My 22 Years

Hi everyone!


Today is my birthday!! I did one of these posts last year about everything I’ve learned through my life so far, and I thought I’d pop on quickly to keep up with the tradition. Here you go:

  1. It’s really fun to blast Taylor Swift’s “22” as loud as you can on your birthday and scream sing it until your voice gives out. Really, really fun.
  2. Smile. The world needs more happiness.
  3. Say yes to the things that terrify you (good things, of course).
  4. It’s okay to be scared by said things, but you have to do them anyways. That’s how you grow – and get a lot of great stories to tell in the process.
  5. It sometimes takes leaving the country to realize how good you’ve actually got it back home.
  6. There is power and responsibility in writing. Use it wisely because people will listen to you.
  7. Spend time with the people you love when you have a chance. Life gets busy quickly, so take advantage of free moments.
  8. Speaking of taking advantage, soak it up when your favorite hockey team wins the Stanley Cup. It can take years for it to happen again, and that’s a long wait. Trust me.
  9. There are two sides to every story.
  10. Summers were made for taking as many trips as possible to the best ice cream place in town with your best friends.
  11. Never be the reason why someone doesn’t want to get up in the morning.
  12. Have all the inside jokes with your friends. They spelled Starbucks wrong, you guys. 😉
  13. Never regret or feel guilty about spending money on yourself. You are more than worth the investment.
  14. If you’re feeling lost, confused, angry, sad, stressed, worthless, etc., give it to God. He’s way more equipped to handle what you’re dealing with than you are.
  15. Go ahead and Instagram it. No one is judging you.
  16. Getting good grades is important. But killing yourself to get those good grades isn’t worth it. Put your wellbeing before a letter on a piece of paper.
  17. Take road trips. Lots and lots of road trips.
  18. Try everything once (good things, of course).
  19. Sometimes God has a different plan for your life than the one you have for yourself. Trust that he knows what he’s doing when something you really wanted doesn’t work out.
  20. Eat cake for breakfast. And then have it again with dinner.
  21. Do more spontaneous things. That’s where the fun in life lives.
  22. You are never finished learning.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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