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A Life Moment – What’s Going On 10.18.16

Hi everyone!

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I did one of these life update posts a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d pop on to do another quick one this week! I typically try to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week, but I was just so busy over the past couple of days that things didn’t work out exactly how I wanted them to. But, I’m back today!


I got the chance to go to the Pittsburgh Penguins’ season opener last week with my dad this year. It was so much fun! Typically we go to a dozen or so games each season because we split a season ticket plan with a couple of other people, and I was so happy that my dad was able to grab this game when they picked tickets this year! We actually would’ve had dibs on Game 7 tickets against the San Jose Sharks during the Stanley Cup Finals had it gone that far, but since it didn’t, we got first pick in the little draft. The ceremony was very well done, and they played a great game against Washington, who I dislike more than I will admit on here, haha.

I’d never been to a banner raising ceremony before because I had only really started to get into hockey when the team won their first cup with Sidney Crosby as captain in 2009. Let me tell you – 7 years is a very long time when you are waiting for your favorite team to win another championship. I was super lucky and got to go to five playoff games this time around, including Game 6 against Washington and Game 7 against Tampa Bay. I think now that it was God’s way of making it up to me because I was in New York City when they actually won the Cup and couldn’t be home for the parade. I watched Game 6 against San Jose on my laptop in my little dorm room and couldn’t even cheer when they won because my roommate was already sleeping LOL.

Let me just say, it’s a wonderful thing that it’s October 18 and Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion.

I’m also going to a concert for The 1975 at the end of the month, and I’m SO excited about it. They’ve been one of my favorite bands for years now, and their self-titled album is one that I can literally listen to on repeat for days at a time without getting bored of it. I’ll definitely take some pictures to share with you guys about how it went, but I have a feeling that it will be amazing.


I’ve been dying over this adorable Kate Spade bag lately! It’s the Cameron Street – Byrdie Bag, and I absolutely love it in the Mahogany color. I think this would be the perfect, fool-proof fall bag, and the size is great for me. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to what I carry around with me – give me my phone, my cards, my keys, a lipstick, and I’m ready to go.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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