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A Life Moment – What’s Going On 1.16.17

Hi everyone!

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these update posts. The end of the semester was super stressful, and the holidays – as I’m sure you experienced in your own life – were packed. I ended up spending some time in New York City with a friend from school as well as Niagara Falls with my mom. I had a blast! Those little trips were exactly what I needed to melt away any leftover stress from school. Classes have started back up again, though, so we’ll see how that goes.

How adorable is that picture of my sister Leah and I when we were little kids? We spent some time going through photo albums over the Christmas break, and I came across a GOLD MINE of pictures. Oh my goodness. There are several adorable pictures of us when we were little, but my favorites are the ones of my parents. These a photo of my dad decked out in full-80s workout gear, fanny pack and mullet included. It is glorious.


For all of my fellow Pittsburgh readers out there (and for those who are not), check out this awesome story from Sunday on the Post-Gazette about the Sarah Scaife Foundation. The Scaife family has been very influential in Pittsburgh, and my boyfriend spent months examining donations to the Foundation, which have been found to be tied to conservative politics. It’s an incredibly interesting read, especially before Inauguration Day, and it’s very well executed. There’s even a great interactive to go along with it that showcases all of the people involved. Highly recommend checking it out.


I go through these phases where I’m slightly obsessed with buying things on eBay, and it ALWAYS happens right after Christmas and before spring. My favorite thing to do is to hunt down well-priced Lilly Pulitzer deals late at night, and some of my most-loved pieces in my collection have actually been from eBay. I recently snagged the Tate Skirt in “Watch Out” after years of searching, and this cute daisy lace shift dress that I think will be great for work when I graduate. This is a great place to look for people who want the Palm Beach lifestyle look on a budget: eBay is your friend.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Rebekah

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