Life Moments

A Life Moment – Tow Trucks and Jimmy Wopo

A little life update all about our crazy day and my boyfriend’s new Pittsburgh Post-Gazette hip-hop story.

Fashion Moments

A Wishlist Moment – Spring 2016

Hey guys! Happy almost Friday! More importantly –ย Happy almost spring! Well, technically, it’s already spring. But if you are anywhere in the Northeast, the weather just likes to pretend it’s spring. One day it’s 70 degrees, the next it’s 50 degrees. It’s an endless wardrobe battle each morning. Nevertheless, the idea of spring has me…… Continue reading A Wishlist Moment – Spring 2016

Beauty Moments

A Beauty Review Moment – Bourjois Beauty Products

Hi everyone! I’m back tonight with my first post about all of the *wonderful* beauty products I picked up in Paris. I tried to do a hefty amount of research ahead of time to avoid looking like a deer in headlights once I hit the pharmacies of France, but I still had no clue what…… Continue reading A Beauty Review Moment – Bourjois Beauty Products