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A Fashion Moment – My Current Spring Wish List

Hi everyone! Spring is right around the corner. Okay, it might be lurking sluggishly behind sheets of ice, blustery breezes and piles of snow, but I promise it will come. To create a spring state of mind (and to keep my sanity from the cold temps we’ve been having in Pittsburgh), I’ve created a wish list of items…… Continue reading A Fashion Moment – My Current Spring Wish List

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A Moment on My Radar

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but once Christmas is over, I’m ready for summer. I want sandy beaches, spontaneous ice cream trips, sunny afternoons, and shorts and tank tops ASAP after the festivities have concluded. But seeing as I live in Pittsburgh, where we had subzero temps last week, that’s regretfully not happening…… Continue reading A Moment on My Radar